WoT – WG Conference – Arty and Maps

Amway921: Arty. The fact that they don’t do more damage is fine, we’re grateful. But that they do it more accurately and with a greater radius, and with stun, seems to be a problem. Why don’t you reduce the stun effect if a few arties are firing at you at the same time.

Pankov: Test showed that stun mechanics are what make arty useful for the team. At the time we thing the situation with arties has calmed down. There are some problems on mid and low tiers, but we’ll find a good solution eventually.

Beletsky: Maybe we’ll reduce the stun coefficient with some new perks or equipment. We’ll try to test it in an upcoming Sandbox.


Ushakov: I understand that the talk about rebalances is done. What about maps?

Pankov: Let’s talk about maps then.

Vspishka: In 1.0 there’s a new type of tree – fir. They have a different size and can mask a tank completely. Why now?

Pankov: And that’s why we launched the Sandbox and common test. The trees look just like that IRL.

Vspishka: On some maps they change the camo. They give an advantage because I can’t detect the enemy.

Pankov: We don’t have enough data, and needless extrapolating can be harmful. If needed, we’ll fix.

Amway921: Why not a mirrored map?

Pankov: We tried, it’s not a good idea. There’s one map like that, and even there there’s no balance. Even how the player is feeling now can influence the battle. If he wants to enter a new battle faster, he’ll behave differently from the predicted one, even on mirrored maps. Right now we’re making 5 new maps, both city maps and not.

Vspishka: There are small maps like Mines or Ensk – why are they available for X tiers?

Pankov: And they will be still. We started expanding Ensk and Karelia to 1.2×1.2 km size.

Beletsky: The new engine also comes with more tools to change maps, so that will mean faster and better changes.


15 thoughts on “WoT – WG Conference – Arty and Maps

  1. Just remove all damage from arty and leave stun. I can live with being stunned and this affects the team and my performance. Having two shots wipe me out just sucks…arty can be compensated or rewarded by the amount that they affect the battle or even with the amount that they would have done so ordinarily so no complicated mechanics needed. Everyone is still in game. No big change

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    1. What about if the artillery is the last 1 alive in 1 team and meets a non artillery?
      Or if 1 artillery in each team is alive and the rest dead?


  2. We don’t have enough data
    -WG says this all the time about nearly every topic out there esp. if it’s discussion about Russian OP trash tanks….

    Test showed that stun mechanics
    -Absolutely no one shoots targets arty stuns/immobilizes
    -Tanks aren’t massed close together enough unless they’re under hard cover
    -Arty often hits for 0 damage with both direct hits and splash
    -Arty often misses

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  3. Spg’s are fine except for the fact they need more damage. They’ve always needed an accuracy boost. If given a choice I’d rather have the damage than the stun. Also Spg’s are no where as accurate as people think and many times when they hit they do 0 damage.

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  4. Mid and low tiers have to be fixed?
    No shit you fckn @#$&$#……cuz getting 1-shotted in my type 64 from a fuckn tier 6 m44 feels so balanced….there are many tier 5 and tier 6 artys right now,which deal 400-500 dmg on direct hits if they hit same tier tanks,in many cases they 1-shoot lower tiers…..clueless devs,ask yourselfs if and when a tier 10 arty like obj261,Bc58 can do 400-500 dmg,or 1-shoot any tier10 or lower in the game….


      1. How do you assume that I was camping in the type 64 mate?………………. Learn to think before you write some stupid sh€t……


    1. The team was spotting him for me, so they kind of expected me to finish him (he was in the puddle at the bottom of the hill on fiery salient, while the team was at the top)


    1. I’m pretty sure it can support smoke but it’s gonna be broken as shit. Everybody will have to adapt and we all know that WoT players have problems with that.


  5. Or imagine illuminating shells,fired at a sector,”illuminating” a small area and thus reducing camo factor of hidden tanks………


  6. there is still some retards that defend arty lmao
    the class is broken in itself like every other High alpha He shooting tank
    it just negates skill and good play


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