WoT – WG Conference – Toxic Players

Amway921: The problem is I’m fighting my allies, but I can’t damage them because of repercussions.

Pankov: We touched on player toxicity, since we want to test disabled team damage in May, for select modes, and just a limited time. Stun won’t be disabled, since it’s technically almost impossible.

Amway921: That’s a leeway for plats and player who won’t be ‘punishable’ now. They’ll just push out allies.

Pankov: You’re right. Disabling team damage will encourage such behavior. That’s why we’ll do something else – what do you say if all bloggers united and announced a campaign for fair play? Eg. people would send replays of pushers caught red handed. You send a replay and we judge the evildoer. In time, we’ll implement and internal system of likes and dislikes.

Jove: We should be able to thank our allies.

Pankov: We’re talking about culture of play, so you should start from yourself. We plan to expand the complaint system, and add a “thanks” button. Then we might return to a global chat.

Jove: Nice. Maybe you should make some kind of incentive system.

Pankov: When players will become less toxic.

Ushakov: What the plan to counter forbidden mods?

Pankov: We’re continuing with bans and trying to close the client to mods.

Ushakov: Something like a digital signature so you can only play with allowed mods?

Pankov: Yes, there’s a list of mods which we want to add.

Jove: Which mods are those?

Pankov: Enhanced session stats, maybe zoom out, crosshair size, new minimap. There’s really a lot of it. We know which mods are popular, and we’ll be able to integrate them.

EviL GrannY: Version 1.0. Tanks 1.0 – why don’t you implement those changes now? We’ll have to install everything anew.

Beletsky: It’s complicated from a technological standpoint. We agreed a year ago that in 1.0 we’ll only change graphics, the engine, and music. Everything else might destabilize the game.

Pankov: First 1.0, then we’ll go slow for a moment. The changes in graphics are in fact a new game based on WoT. The same is with the maps and tanks. Optimizing everything will take some time – if a group has problems, we’ll fix it. Then we’ll add all the new stuff

Beletsky: What will the new patch be? We’ll release 1.0 and start work on 1.0.1.

EviL GrannY: So you’re working already…

Beletsky: We’re actually finishing. The problem with stabilizing PC games is it takes a lot more time than with console games. A good stability is one of the most important traits of a game.

Pankov: Notice the FPS. After 9.0 we had a lot of problems. There are no mass complaints about performance of the client, and now we release new graphics. I’ll just add that Personal Missions 2.0 will be relased in October, and we started working on them two months ago. We want a lot of small things, but we first have to plan them out.