WoWS News (27th November 2017 – 12th December 2017)

As promised earlier, I am posting all the news I have missed, from the time of the last WoWS info post. I am deeply sorry for not posting all this on time.

ST, French Battleship France, tier X

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Hit points – 92400, plating – 32 mm, belt – 350 – 400 mm. Main battery – 2×4 431 mm. Firing range – 26.1 km. HE damage – 6300, AP damage – 14500. Reload time 30 s., 180 degree turn time – 36 s., maximum dispersion – 322 m. HE initial velocity – 840 m/s. AP initial velocity – 840 m/s. Sigma count – 2.0. Maximum speed – 30 kt. Turning circle radius – 980 m., rudder shift time – 18.3 s. Surface detectability – 18.0 km, air detectability – 16….8 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 18.3 km. Anti-torpedo defense damage reduction – 36%.

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Repair Party
Slot 3 – Engine Boost

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

ST, new “Hamburg” port

A new historic port “Hamburg” is added to the game. It will become permanently available to all players.

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ST, Ship horn

To honor the New Year’s celebrations, a special festive ship horn is added to the game. It will help players avoid collisions and alert allies about torpedo salvos. Each ship class will get its own unique sound.

ST, “Nagai” scenario

Prepare for a heated battle. The command has set a new task – your squad needs to break the defense line of the enemy and launch an assault on the contested territory. Be wary, as the enemy forces are on the alert and powerful reserves, entrenched in the offshore zone may spoil the mission. The scenario is available for all tier VII ships.

ST, New campaigns

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2 new campaigns are added to the game. The first is based on the historic battle of the North Cape, its missions detailing the various stages of the event. Second campaign is dedicated to the New Year holiday.
(Localization is underway)

Test version

Duke of York

main gun accuracy reverted from 2.05σ to 1.8σ

ST, New collection

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A new collection, honoring the battle of the North Cape is added to the game. It includes historic ship equipment, artistic images of the vessels, ship emblems and crests.
(Localization is underway)

ST, new permanent camouflage

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“Arctic” permanent camouflage is added for tier VII ships Scharnhorst and Duke of York, it will provide the following bonuses:

both standard camo bonuses
-5% to the cost of ship’s post-battle service
+50% to XP earned in the battle

New special permanent camo for Graf Zeppelin:

standard combat bonuses;

* +50% to combat XP; * +50% to commander XP; * +10% to credits; * -10% to service fee

ST, new promotional camouflage

“Frosty Pine” promotional camouflage is added for all the ships in the game, it will provide the following bonuses:

both standard camo bonuses
+125% of commander XP earned in the battle
+50% free XP earned in the battle
+100% XP earned in the battle

A few Roma ingame pics:

ST, new permanent camouflage

“Snow-clad” permanent camouflage is added to the game for the tier VI ships New Mexico, La Galissonniere, Ernst Gaede, Queen Elizabeth and Fu Shun, it will provide the following bonuses:

both standard camo bonuses
+50 to XP earned in the battle

ST, Italian battleship Roma, tier VIII

Sigma count is decreased from 1.9 to 1.8 to balance the ship better for her tier.

ST, French battleships Gascogne and Richelieu, tier VIII

Gascogne receives “Engine Boost” consumable with following stats: 8% top speed increase, 180 seconds duration, 180 seconds cooldown, 2 charges (120 seconds cooldown and 3 charges for premium equipment) Anti-torpedo defense is increased from 18.18% to 34.24%.

Anti-torpedo defense for Richelieu is increased from 31.82% to 34.24%.

These changes are designed to balance the ships better for their tier.

ST, British battleship Duke of York, tier VII

Removed the “Defensive AA Fire” consumable. Added the “Repair Party” consumable with following stats: 28 seconds duration, 120 seconds cooldown, 2 charges (80 seconds cooldown, 3 charges for premium equipment). Changed stats of the “Damage Control Party” consumable: 15 seconds duration, 120 seconds cooldown (80 seconds cooldown for premium equipment). “Hydroacoustic Search” consumable’s number of charges is decreased, its stats remain unchanged: 94 seconds duration, 4.2 km ship detection range, 2.97 km torpedo detection range, 180 seconds cooldown, 1 charge (120 seconds cooldown and 2 charges for premium equipment). Fire duration is increased from 30 to 60 seconds. Main battery reload time is increased from 25 to 29.5 seconds. Rudder shift time increased from 15 to 17.5 seconds. Sigma count is decreased from 2.05 to 1.8.

These changes make Duke of York’s gameplay closer to classic battleships, while the addition of “Repair Party” allows for more aggressive combat.


Interview with Hisashi Yaginuma and Sho Hatai (from 26 September 2017, translated for TAP by syraku):

Implementation of Kii and Musashi, as well as the future of the Haifuri collab

On the first day of TGS, the collaboration between World of Warships and mecha designer Makoto Kobayashi was announced, starting with the battleship Kii. The long-awaited implemetation plan for the super battleship was also announced. There is no shortage of topics when it comes to TGS.

(some stuff describing the interview, with the two carrying out a straight-man/funnyman duo kind of delivery)

– Please tell me more about the collaboration with Makoto Kobayashi in the battleship Kii.
Yaginuma: Actually, it started around the beginning of the year. Japan in APAC(Asia-Pacific) is a particularly important market, and we wanted to provide what will become a hot topic in the Tokyo Game Show. Even if I said “I’ll release the Pan-Asian tech tree”, I don’t think it’ll be as much of a draw for Japanese people, so I was preparing for it.
– Mr. Kobayashi is well-known for designing large robots, but he has also worked on designing ships from Space Battleship Yamato, which has a high affinity with WoWs.
Yaginuma: He is a mechanical designer. WoWS is also a game entering the mechanical category, so this time we asked for design of camouflage.

-It was said that some tinkering was done with the ship. Is this WG’s doing?
Hatai: That’s right. In the designing process, we decided to add accessories and arrangements that would be added onto the ship in the future, and the rangefinder is one such example. The rough design followed the historical design, and the rangefinder (found only if you equip Kobayashi’s special camouflage) was added later. The truth is that I had wanted more modifications if there was more time, but under the current development process, it was not possible.
Yaginuma: In order to use Kobayashi-sensei’s full potential, it would be a good idea for him to participate in modelling too, but we also have to watch the balance of effort. However, our further decisions will be based on the reaction to this collaboration. If it is good, we can consider ship modelling (by Kobayashi) too.
Hatai: Actually, when I first talked to him, I was shown something like a ship that was divided into two (laughs). It’s like a hit-or-miss kind of design. I appreciate it, but it would be hard to balance such a ship for the game unless it is changed (laughs).
Yaginuma: After you inplement such a ship, you’ll know whether it’s hit-or-miss(laughs).

-But, the camouflage design was really surprising. It is unlike anything anyone has imagined, and it came as a shock that the camouflage would be designed that way.
Yaginuma: We decided to go for something unprecendented, so it couldn’t be like anything we’ve had before. It is also interesting to players across the world since it is camouflage that is not like anything that has been seen in the game before.

-This is just for confirmation, but can Kii also mount regular camouflage instead of the special camouflage?
Yaginuma: Yes, you can switch them. I don’t have an example handy now, but the overall tone is slightly darker than on other ships.

//some banter linking Kobayashi’s work on Gundam Z and how it was sepculated that WoT Blitz might have some collaboration, producers deny it – not really important//
-When I interviewed the developer of “WoWS” at Gamescom, in addition to Roma from Italy and Graf Zeppelin from Germany, there were rumours of Japanese battleships too, so I was expecting either Musashi or Kii. I’m happy that it was both.
Yaginuma: In March I was picking a ship I wanted to add, Kii was in that. The schedule has changed drastically since that time, but it is finally possible to implement it.
– There were various plans for battleship Kii. There’s the Kii of the 8-8 Fleet that is implemented this time, but there is also the Kii which is the successor to Yamato. Why did you choose the 8-8 fleet version?
Hatai: It’s a balance. When it goes beyond Yamato, it will present a balancing problem, so you cannot put it in. As a Tier VIII premium ship, it is in a place where it can be enjoyed by the players.
-In terms of weaponry, reflecting the times, it should evoke the feeling of the Kongou class and Nagato class, so I imagined that (Kii) would have similar performance, but on stage it is said that “The AA of this ship is strong” and I thought, “What?”
Yaginuma: Yes, Kii has excellent anti-aircraft performance (laugh). Actually using it, I felt it was effective to do anti-aircraft support at a distance of 10 ~ 18 km, because I felt that it was effective not to be within 10 km.

By the way Kii also has torpedoes. I think they are 6 km torpedoes like on Tirpitz, but you can use them. However, the flavour is quite different, while Tirpitz is a sturdy ship, Kii is excellent in AA, and the areas where they support their team are very different.

-Please tell us about the future development of this artist signature series.
Yaginuma: As for this year, it will be adopted for premium ships scheduled for this year, including ships available for Free XP.
-Is the next ship an American ship?
Yaginuma: You can say that(laughs). Japanese ships are included too!

-It is said that 2, 3, 4 more are also being planned.
Yaginuma: Yes, and we hope to implement them in the coming 1-2 months.
“Another Haifuri collaboration is being planned?”
-Changing the subject, I was expecting more of a “soft collaboration” this time, so I was pleasantly surprised. Can you tell me more details about the collaboration with “High School Fleet”?
Hatai: It is. We are in talks with the animation studios, but there’s nothing we can announce yet.
-Will the Haifuri collaboration be continued?
Hatai: (To Yaginuma) Will it?
Yaginuma: Why are you asking me? (laugh) In fact, Mr. Hatai is in charge of managing it.
Hatai: Of course, it is on my mind, but no decision has been reached yet.
-The Haifuri collaboration received good response from Japan, how was it from overseas?
Hatai: From the West (Europe and NA), many said the voice acting was good. Harekaze was very different because she had three different main armaments to choose from. Graf Spee is mostly the same as the original one, so the reaction was that the character was cute (laughs). Overall, it was well-received in Europe and NA.
-What about the Russian players?
Hatai: To be honest, the reaction was mixed (laughs). Because not many people were familliar with the anime, only the point about changing (Harekaze’s) main armament stuck.
//I’m getting really tired of the laughing and banter, so I’ll just omit it from now. I’ll keep the important bits, of course.
-How about plans for selling the existing Haifuri ships again?
Hatai: There are plans. However, nothing has been finalised yet, so I can’t tell you too much.
“Yaginuma and Hatai on Musashi. Likely Tier IX”
-Now, onto the Musashi. She was mentioned in a previous interview in Taiwan, how much longer before we see her?
Yaginuma: I cannot say anything. Actually, I had wanted to release an image, but I could not. The implementation time has not changed within the year. Since she is a sister ship of Yamato, we can add it in time simply by making changes to Yamato.

-How do you plan on implementing Musashi?
Yaginuma: She has the same hull and guns, but since she had several refits since her completion, I am thinking of using a refit in a certain period to identify her. If there is no firm differentiation, she will be the same as Yamato.
As for release, I will make it a premium warship or a ship that can be obtained with free experience. With money and free experience, a ship with the same performance as Yamato can be yours! It would be terrible if one has to suffer a lot just to get Yamato. I think I will try to differentiate it firmly. I think Musashi’s tier will be IX, or just maybe VIII, but probably IX.
-As for her armament, am I correct to understand that the historical refit in Showa 19 (1944) is adopted, just before her sinking in the battle of Leyte?
Yaginuma: Yes, it is likely.
-Is she really confirmed to come at the end of this year?
Yaginuma: Yes, I would say so, but Hatai-san thinks differently…
Hatai: In winter. I wouldn’t say it would be within this year, and winter is a long time (December to February).
-Do you plan to have more unique captains?
Yaginuma: Yes, but I cannot say anything more about that. However, we’ve gotten a handful of promising Japanese candidates for development.
-This summer, the United Kingdom battleship tree has been implemented, please tell me about player reaction and future adjustments.
Hatai: The main gist of the feedback is often “They are too strong.”
-Is it felt that they are strong amongst battleships, including Yamato?
Hatai: Yes, because they have high recovery ability, they cannot be sunk easily, and with the HE, most opinions are that they are strong.
Yaginuma: As for why people are saying they are strong now, I think that it is because currently they are being played by advanced players who have large amounts of in-game currency. In other words, they appear strong because strong players are using them. Of course they also have weaknesses. But since players have not realised how to attack them, they appear strong for the moment.
-As more players move up the line slowly, the number of people saying that they(RN BBs) are strong will decrease?
Yaginuma: Yes. That is why we do not plan to make any adjustments.
-It was said in Gamescom that the French battleship tree had started development, what kind of flavour will they have?
Yaginuma: I have no idea. I think they were mentioned at Gamescom because having only the Pan-Asian line alone would be a little bit weak. For us, we gather information on Japanese ships and hand them over to the development side.
-What are the closest (upcoming) implementations of Japanese ships?
Hatai: Other than Kii and Musashi, there isn’t anything else yet.
-Is anything planned to be released ahead of Musashi?
Yaginuma: I’m not sure. That depends on internal testing. (and as of Sept 28th, barely a week after this interview, Kii has been released)
-What are the classifications of the ships?
Hatai: This is becoming an interrogation.
Yaginuma: Well, I can say it’s not aircraft carriers!
-So, it is a single ship (could be several),and not a line?
Yaginuma: Yes, that is correct. (feels weird becuase PADDs should be coming, unless they mean something after PADDs, really not sure what they mean here)
-Do you have something to say to all WoWs players?
Yaginuma: Thank you to all the media and all of our fans for the second anniversary. I am very grateful for it. I look forward to working with you.
-Because Yaginuma-san didn’t give me a service talk, please do it now.
Hatai: All right. There are other occurrences in the chain of events leading up to Musashi’s release, so I’d like you to look forward to all future developments.