[ASIA & NA Premium Shop] Object 252U, Defender of the Fatherland

Object 252U Defender – Standard

Package Contents:

  • VIIIObject 252U Defender
  •  1 Garage Slot
  • 5x First Victory bonus (Limit: 10 times/account)
    Note: Remaining x5 EXP bonuses will expire if not used completely before 1st June 2018. Not applicable for first victories. Must rank within top 10 by EXP in your team.
  • 2,500 Gold


  • USD 56.32



Premium Tank Sale: Object 252U Defender

Feb. 23-Mar. 5, 04:20 PT / 06:20 CT / 07:20 ET

  • Object 252U Defender: $48.99

Bundle Contents: 



18 thoughts on “[ASIA & NA Premium Shop] Object 252U, Defender of the Fatherland

  1. Again, EU server is the one left out and the one being milked the most with useless stupid offers. I can’t believe WG actually listened to those few whiny bitches on the forums regarding the Defender. But when it comes to actually improving the game, they are deaf and blind idiots.

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    1. Pretty happy they did not sell it in EU tbh. If they did, they should first rebalance it like the SP, provide compensation and then sell it again. At the current state its boring to play and annoying to fight against. The less of them in game the better for everyone. Also in this situation, the EU server is the only one not being milked, selling a nuisance of a vehicle that everyone would buy like crazy cause they prolly realized how annoying it is to fight one.

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      1. I would be pretty happy that you go back from where you come in to the Europe. Abdul i know that you don’t understand much I m sorry for you that you are primitive so…


        1. Dude… That’s not even my name… I’m prolly more European than you are… Also your grammar is trash… Perhaps learn to use the commonly agreed European language correctly before you start behaving like you are?

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  2. Few whiny bitches? I think it’s the great majority of the community.

    I for one am glad that wargaming EU actually cares a little bit for balance on their servers.

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  3. Even at the time it was on sale, there were rumors everywhere that the tank was so OP, it would never return to the shop again and turn into a rare tank like Type59.
    You should have bought one at that time.
    I don’t own it and think that only noobs want to have one to stomp other noobs with inferior tanks into the ground.


    1. I mean you can hardly call it an inferior tank. Not that high skill ceiling, but overall a relaxing grinder. I own it, dont play it cause its boring but i dont feel like its inferior. Its just a stupid tank


  4. Type59 is now weak really not OP in any way anymore, not special at all this except its preferential MM only thing it gets over other T8 MT but well worth as it not getting farmed at T10

    maybe the Object 252U will one day become nerfed over and over like the Type59 then it will also become nothing special, that’s if?

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  5. I’m mad that we don’t get the offer while other servers do.
    How is it fair that a few people are allowed to dominate tier 8 competitive gamemodes and have fun in random battles while everyone who just couldn’t buy it at the time can’t get a chance to get it too.

    At the very least for the sake of SH and CW they should sell it again. It’s completely unfair and unbalanced, a clan with less 252 owners will lose more frequently…


    1. Lol ? Dominate with defender ? Really ? Defender is one of the shittest tanks in T8, the gun cannot hit anything, this tank dominates only againts T6 and T7 tanks, while you get into T9 or T10 MM you are screwed, you cannot hit a single weakspot and I am not even talking about penning it.

      Kids screaming “Defender is op plz nerf” are those who never drived that tank. Believe me, it a shit tank, I much rather play my Skorpion G or Lowe because these tanks can do OK in T10 MM.


      1. There is a reason why in tier 8 Strongholds and CW the majority of the team is Defenders.

        It is maybe not as OP as it sounds against higher tiers ; but against sale tier ennemies or lower tier ones, the armor is insane and the gun is more than enough for what you need. And in these gamemodes you are at a sibgle tier battle. So Defender will win against other tanks in most (not all) maps.

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      2. Please, lay off the drugs. Check anybody’s overall WR and then compare with that player Defender WR. Defender WR will always be 5% better than overall WR.

        That’s how shitty of a tank it is /sarcasm.

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