Don’t drink and stream

UPDATE: I removed the video link. My intention wasn’t to name and shame, but just to show an example of what would happen in such cases. I apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused, I didn’t intend to mock anyone. I am deeply sorry for writing this article wrong in the first place.

A few weeks ago, a streamer cried on stream while being (very) drunk.

It’s not nice to arrive to someone’s stream and see this. Of course, his Twitch mods deleted the recordings maybe to not have Twitch ban his account. Everything could have been avoided if the streamer didn’t drink alcohol in the first place.

Drunk streams are dangerous, and they are done by several streamers. In case an emergency happens, the viewers wouldn’t even know where to send the ambulance.ย We already lost a streamer last year due to substance abuse plus streaming for too long and we should do our best to avoid such things happening in the future.

I’m posting this to raise awareness. There were at least 600 viewers that night who saw the same thing.


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  1. A good player and a very moody person, when streaming.

    Yes, not the only one (in EU region, at least). And we all know that famous ranting EU streamer who, when streaming longer than usual, and drinking several brands of beer while doing it, goes even more apeshit…

    WoT “ambience” provides a lot of this behaves, with no end in sight. Bad or not, is yet to be seen.


  2. you are not posting that for awarness but just for views and giving bad image of that streamer , be honest with yourself.

    yes he drank and he knows it himself , if he deleted the footage that because he doesn’t want it to be seen , posting it back is just a d*ck move , if you can’t understand that , there is awarness you need to get about diffusing content about / of other without their agreement .

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        1. Saying Sebastian did no wrong is to be frank FUCKING AUTISTIC

          The Main point for us hating on this “shitpost” is the inclusion of Poshy/Brian in this, his name shouldnt have been included in this personal attack against Jordi, thats just fucking retarded.

          My Second point is trying to point this to alcohol & substance abuse, that may have little effect but trying to use that as the main point, no…. this is more to do with mental health / depression. Ignorant cunts like you may sit there thinking that oooh playing games all day must be the best job ever, speaking from personal experience its fucking depressing which if you’ve seen daki/jordi do drunk streams before LIKE I HAVE, you’d know that the evidence you used to do this personal attack is completely B U L L S H I T

          Third – Gold league / Pro League for now has been closed down whilst wargaming begin to migrate the format over hence daki is not currently working with wargaming / esl as a caster

          I’d like to end this by saying good job to some of the sites editors who obviously didnt agree with this and tried to suppress this completely pathetic post.

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          1. I dont see how the poshy incident is not related. They were both WOT streamers who had a “bad” stream because of substance abuse, so yes there are comparisons between the two and it should be STRONGLY discouraged to do stuff like this. No there is no problem with drinking a beer, but getting severely drunk while streaming is straight up dangerous.

            Also its funny that you act so righteous and how sebastian should never have made a personal attack, which I dont feel he did, but meanwhile you are calling someone “FUCKING AUTISTIC”, that is offensive, cause clearly you mean that as a bad thing. While I as someone with autism already REALLY struggle to “get going” in this world. Posts like that, you are far from alone, make me feel even more like I have no place in this world.

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          2. @ SeanUK

            To me, you can go fuck yourself if you mix autistic ppl with drunken ppl, I have a son with Asperger’s Syndrome so, I’m intittled to bash ur sorry ass.

            Next time, useless piece of shit, think first before posting shit like that.


      1. You should remove the video. Keep the post for awareness if you want, but we have no idea what that man is going through in real life and with what kind of issues he is battling. The video link is a bit of a lowblow that will hurt him in the future.

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  3. Dont even know why you would post this?
    Get your facts straight before you try to “Iโ€™m posting this to raise awareness”

    Putting this up and trying to justify it is digusting…


  4. I really don’t like that entry at all.

    This was not for awarness, but for clicks and also to show a bad image of this known person. Are there some personal dislikes involved?

    Also you show some seconds of an emotional person where nobody knows the background. Are people not allowed to show emotions and show that they are sad by whatever reason?

    I had to puke after the comparsion with Poshybrid and the show of concerns what are used to put this entry in a good light.

    Last but not least – the person removed the clip because of emotions, but you have nothing else to do than to upload/show another version.

    I’m very disappointed.

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          1. How many of those news are true?
            How many of those news will not reach us on the forum/portal?
            How many of those news will actually happen?

            I’m aware that I’m being agressive towards you, and it’s a shame because I liked your blog. Until you posted this :/

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          2. Lol so full of yourself dude, oh your just gonna come back here because im all you got

            Screenshot!! your fame has gone to your head dude


      1. You need to remove the article and repost it. Sure, the video and name is gone but all comments (with names) are still here. Besides I think the reference โ€œa streamer criedโ€ is unneccesary aswell. Itโ€™s enough that you just say that accidents in the past has happened.

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  5. I hope the dude is alright. Someone plz give the man a hug. I think it’s okay to post a warning and talk about drunk streamers. The small video clip doesn’t really feel like it belongs here – just post a happy picture of him from another time so plebs like me know who you talk about instead.

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  6. Meh, I drink alkohol and play pixel tonks pretty much weekend, big deal. Poshybrid stream was different, as he did several 24h marathons in a row, while mixing in alcohol and cigarettes, dakillzor is nowhere near that.


  7. I like it how people stream on fkin’ World Wide internet, have facecam, do this kind of stupid shit and then expect everyone to act like nothing has happened. just LOL!


    1. I like how Seb posted this from the moral high ground to “raise awareness”. Really?? does his stupidity know no bounds? Does he really think the community believe he posted this with _best_intentions_ or (given the fact he included a clip of Daki’s drunken sobbing) proves he just wanted to publicly humiliate a popular player/streamer and/or gain some clicks / ad revenue

      Seb, you are kidding nobodymate!

      Had you simply posted the clip with the title “don’t drink and stream kids” – at least you would have be honest with your intention. and probably you could have got away with an apology and we could all move on.

      Or you could have just posted that a popular player was steaming drunk & crying on Twitch a few weeks back and you want to encourage caution with this type of behavior.

      Absolutely no reason to post the clip unless you want to make fun of it – which was exactly your intention.

      But facts are facts kids… Seb’s stupidity gets the better of him again.


  8. Can’t see why it’s necessary to put a link in this post to raise awareness. Dakillzor deleted this video, because he obviously was embarrassed and regretted this moment. We all make mistakes. Don’t be an asshole and disrespect this fact. Your not making any awareness…your just being ignorant!!!

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    1. Then why doesn’t he also delete all the videos of him raging, screaming and insulting everyone around himself? I’ll tell you why, because he shows himself like a macho man while in reality hes a little cry baby.

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            1. Nobody should apologize for posting about something that happened as long they try not to come with false info. I just think posting the video wasn’t necesary.

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              1. Well, there is false info in this article. It’s periodically getting deleted when readers point it out, such as “mods deleted the VOD and clips so he doesn’t get fired” even though he’s not working for ESL anymore (or right now I should say).

                Also, no, mods did not delete anything because AFAIK no mod has the permission to do delete VOD’s/clips, the person posting this article has no clue how much did he drink, how often and how much he drinks on stream/off stream in general, he doesn’t know if ambulance was needed or if there were other people in the apartment with him.

                Yet he makes all these assumptions based on nothing, and presents them together with a video showing 10 seconds from someone’s life to a wide audience.
                And now, based on all this, half of the comment section has already created an opinion about the person, and suddenly he’s a drunk killing people on the sidewalk.

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  9. You’re basically saying “A guy got drunk, and got emotional” you have no idea of what’s going on other than some shit was going on with him. Daki’s not the first person to get emotional for whatever reason after a few drinks and won’t be the last.
    Anyone reading this knows of some event where a friend has got blind drunk and been sick down themselves for example. You don’t go taking pictures of that and posting it rounds all your mutual friends or random strangers for “awareness”. You only go do something like that if you want to shame someone.

    The “awareness” you want to raise is to get people aware of your blog. Pure and simple.

    The people who were watching him that night were in direct contact with him. The stream ended almost right after that moment and people were there with him IRL right after it. Information you fail to add because you don’t know what the fuck happened. You never check things for yourself. You never for example even bothered to reach out to Daki to ask what happened, to say you were going to post this article, and would he like to say something.

    He’s been streaming since and his community are still watching him and supporting him. Christ if I had a penny for every person I’ve seen have some sort of issue when drinking I’d be pretty well off. He’s fine now, he learned a hard lesson, I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing it again.

    What’s the next article from TAP? You’re going to tell everyone that That Wargaming America is moving office? There is a new Chinese TD line for World of Tanks? Rita and Jingles were dating? Silentstalker no longer is posting about World of Tanks? World of Tanks for Ps4 has been announced?

    Put some pride into publishing factual and well researched articles and stop posting drama/speculation threads. Your blog is switching from a place where people used to come for information, to a place where people come to laugh at the random stuff written in desperation for hits/views.

    “Source = TAP” is widely accepted now as either “taken from somewhere else” or “made up”.

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  10. A bit puzzled by all the bashing Seb is getting for posting this, let me explain.

    This guy in the link hopefully is a legal adult, and if he is he’s responsible for his actions. If he likes to chug down alcohol while streaming that’s his business, as is making a fool of himself or having emotional outbursts (as seen in the clip). The internet being a merciless cesspool however, even if he were upset for serious reasons (don’t know the guy and don’t care what was that made him cry), the anons won’t care.

    It may be a sensible decision to remove the clip and just leave an explaination of what happened (those who were watching the stream will know if it’s true or fabricated), but I agree with Seb on the ‘don’t advertise being drunk’ thing, even if the guy involved got drunk to drown his sorrows (in which case he shouldn’ve taken a break to sort things out).

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      1. From what I hear in the news, this ‘kicking them while they’re down’ trend seems pretty popular on social media and the internet, ad among kids and teens, and yes I fully agree that it is despicable. However, I maintain what I said – whoever this streamer is, if they were having a bad time (like, losing streak, too much time spent playing without breaks, IRL issues that should remain private, etc.), they should’ve pulled the plug and cooled off instead of drinking themselves stupid and carrying on. Speaking from experience because while I’m not a streamer nor a heavy drinker, I know full well what it means to attempt to play a game (ANY game) while stressed out or emotional, and it leads nowhere. Now, if streamers have a schedule/contract that mandates they play for at least X hours a day, that’s a different issue.

        I’ll drop it here because this would lead to an argument about what’s proper to share on social media and what’s not, and it’s off topic and doesn’t interest anyone.

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  11. jeeezez… i hate people who have to rip up in other peoples mistakes… he got drunk and emotional, so what? heยดs just a human like the rest of us, and he made a mistake in streaming when emotions got the best of him…

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  12. Sebastianul – Sir, you are the lowest of the low. You do not understand what this man could be going through. The extent of his personal misery will be lost to us all. For all we know this could be a cry for help for his fellow gamer’s, mate’s and associates. You have naively posted this deleted footage as an ‘Awareness’ video, for what purpose? Don’t drink and stream?. Fuck, the guy is in misery. I’v seen many people, veterans or otherwise suffer mental trauma and turn to the piss. Including myself. Don’t look down on someone unless you are helping them up. I am deeply disgusted with you. You are the sickness that pervades our societies, masquerading as philanthropists. I bet you didn’t even try and contact this man to help. You Sir, are below any dignity. You are the gum under my shoe.




  13. Ah, no doubt that comments would be moderated eh? Amazing how TAP follows the FTR line of creating a blog seperate from WoT forums to avoid any moderation, then as soon as reader disagree with the topic, comments go into full moderation and deletion mode – Becoming a worse example of the very thing they sought to break free from.

    I’ll do this because I don’t have to worry about moderation. Becomes I’ll do this because I have totally control of moderation.

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  14. To all those idiots defending that stupid drunkard: Fuck you! Go sleep in a sewer with your drunkard buddies! Do you have any idea how many of those drunk fucking cunts are killing other innocent people in traffic? They like showing off how dumb they are “Oh look at me, I’m drunk as fuck and I’m going to drive”. This streaming ape is doing the same shit today. How can you, drunkard buddies, defend this cunt? Maybe tomorrow he’s going to drink like a pig and drive the car. Maybe he’s going to murder you or someone close to you on the sidewalk.

    Under no circumstances you should defend a drunkard, no matter what he’s going through, booze or drugs are never the answer! And if a human is not able to understand that, then he’s dumb and he shouldn’t be defended. I have no pity for those cunts. So what if they die? Fuck them. Better them than innocent people on the street.

    And Seb, you did good to show the video. Maybe he’ll want to avoid this in the future and think twice before doing it again.

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    1. he was streaming, in his own house, nowhere near a car. LOL

      and nobody is defending the drunk, he even knows it was stupid ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Try and work out why its a dick move to publicly shame someone for clicks and try and spin it as “caring”

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    2. How is a guy in his room in front of his computer gonna kill anyone in traffic?

      You’re beyond stupid. I’m infinitely more scared of people like you than 100 drunk Dakis tbh.

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      1. Today a stream, tomorrow a drive. Hope he’ll be driving on the streets and sidewalks near you and not on the ones near me or my family and friends.

        On a side note it’s good that you’re scared of me. You should be. You have a good self preservation instinct. There’s a slim chance that you will live to your 50s.


        1. That’s ridiculous logic. By that same logic I’d have to wish he drove on the streets and sidewalks near you, your family and your friends.

          As I said, people like you scare me far more than Daki ever could. I’m just hoping you’re all bark and no bite (as most people like you tend to be).


      1. Well, that crossed my mind. The ability to drive is not available to less developed individuals. They simply lack the required coordination but the point stands. He might have a access to a car still.


    3. Are you fucking retarded or did your parents drop you on your head too many times fucking retard? Just because some people like to get drunk doesn’t mean that they lack the responsibility to not do so when they’re going to drive. Do you know how many people that cause accidents because of messaging on the phone? Does this mean that we should blame everyone that uses a phone? You are a fucking retarded cunt. Fuck off.

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      1. The fact that he gets drunk while streaming has nothing to do with the fact that people like to drink at parties or wherever. By your logic, him being drunk while streaming is ok so I don’t see what’s all the fuss about the video having to not be shown to HIS intended audience. If he’s so responsible it means he wanted to show the world that he’s a drunk and then you idiots bashing Seb for posting this can all go fuck yourselves.


        1. And why the fuck do you care? If he wants to get drunk during his stream, how’s that your problem? I think you’re a deluded retard because you don’t understand the difference between being drunk in a dangerous situation vs being drunk in a safe situation. He can’t hurt anyone if he’s drunk on stream. Even getting drunk at a party is more dangrous because you need to pull your ass home at some point.
          I’m not juding whether it’s right or not to get drunk. But he did so and obviously didn’t want to show everyone else because he removed the video. Does that warrant that other people keep spreading the video?
          Let me turn it arround for you. You are in a car accident and lay on the road with your leg cut off. Or you’re walking home and gets raped. Would you appreciate if people started throwing that around on the internet?


          1. He just proved he’s not responsible with his actions. This is the kind of cunt that gets people killed. He deleted the video, so what? What’s done it’s done. Same goes with accidents too. I heard drunk drivers being sorry for killing people but guess what, smartass, being sorry won’t revive the victims and won’t bring smiles on grieving families. And that’s all I had to add on this matter. It’s clear for me that some of the sensitive cry babies that are commenting here are agreeing with his lack of responsability.

            And to make it clear, I’m not only raging about this particular drunk faggot but against all the idiots that get drunk.

            Oh and seeing that the video got deleted, I saved a copy so if anyone wants it, just ask. I’m happy to share.


            1. “lack of responsability”
              Are you retarded for real? Knowing when you can drink and when you can not IS fucking responsability. I don’t drink myself, I’d not advice anyone to do it either, but hey who am I to tell other people what to do. What matters for me is that they don’t put other people in danger while doing it. Did he put anyone in danger? No! And that’s why I think your answers are extremely stupid. Just because you drink in front of your computer doesn’t mean that you will also drink when you’re going to drive etc.
              According to your logic, if you own a phone you’re just as fucking irresponsible because if you use your phone when you sit on the sofa you might aswell use it when you drive. Do you realise how fucking stupid you sound or do you still don’t get it?


              1. I realize how hard you’re trying to prove me wrong and fail with every attempt :))) Now you’re saying he wanted to drink and stream =] Only a moron like you could try to defend a moron like that. Fail more. You’re starting to make me laugh.


                1. I never specified whether he wanted to do it or not. I explained what responsibility is. Learn English and then read my reply again.
                  Also I see that you completely ignored my statement about the phone. And you’re going to tell me that my conversation fail? LOL you are a true autistic clown. Do us all a favour and never ever breed without a condom. I’m not going to waste another minute on you.


    4. Wait wait wait …. Why are u playing World Of Tanks then? You could drive a Tank tomorrow and kill some people … Fuck why I am playing this game either …. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  15. I’m sorry, this post is in very poor taste.

    What’s next? Real rape videos to raise awareness? Please don’t play us like idiot kids. It’s plain to see what your intent is.

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  16. For me this post will make me stop following TAP. What’s next? A link to Jennifer Lawrence selfies?

    I watch Daki streaming from time to time. I think he is a very skilled WoT player and a very good FC, while at the same time I think he has moments when he is a terrible person to players from his clan when they make mistakes.

    Good or bad, he is a person. Who had a moment of weakness, and did a stupid thing that spiraled down… That clipped moment looks to me like a cry for help, looks like the man is having some serious issues, and he needs help. To shame him in public like that is not going to help him or “raise awareness”.

    It was a dick move Sebastianul. Delete that video link.

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  17. Delete this post now. And if you want to inform players about drunkstreams, you can do a new post without naming any particular names or accidents.


  18. I must actually say that this post lost me some respect for this blog. I can see through the curtain here and I understand that this post is not about awareness – it’s about more views. Something that you don’t need, because your blog is already popular. Considering that Daki is one of my favourite streamers because of his skilled gameplay, this post is causing extra annoyance from my perspective. I have a deal for you. Remove you post now or I’ll start reading on of the other blogs. How’s that for more views?


      1. Wow, you really are an ignorant retarded cunt. No, for your information, I don’t drink. I watch Daki’s stream because he’s a good player, not because he drinks alcohol.


        1. fighting_falcon93: WTF do you want? He was drunk during the stream. Why we shouldnt know that? Reporters REPORT news. If you would be a grown person then you should know that. Dont kill a messenger.


          1. Ehrm… You do realise that drunk streams are quite popular on Twitch? So why specifically mention the case with said person and not include all other 100s that do it?
            What I want? Just 1 thing. That this “article” is deleted so that the comments with said persons name is removed, and then they can repost the article where it talks about the problem from a neutral point of view instead of targeting 1 person as an example.


  19. WOW The amount of hypocrits here!
    You have no problem with that guy that exposed himself in such a way, but throw shit at the guy who shows it.
    This blog is about news related to WoT, and I believe that this post was informative, as I believe it was meant to be.
    You say that he’s an asshole during the streams but you put up with it, but expect TAP not to post about what he showed the world because then TAP are assholes and you lose respect???

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    1. You really don’t see the difference here?

      1. Some guy has a weak moment where emotions overcome him. Nobody knows the background.
      2. Some guy makes a post of it later, upload the video again of the scene what was deleted already and ask for awarness because of low motives.


  20. I’ve said it since Seb took over, Attention seeking to the extent of stealing content from other sites and try to pass it off as his own, the guy will do anything for attention but this is low.

    last time I’ll be on this turd of a site. hope it crashes and burns you despicable little shit.


    1. With that kind of logic, then half the news stations and news prints would be out of business.

      So go and rethink about how you gossip and tell something someone else said and passing it off as your own and see the hypocrisy you mouth is shitting.

      K, good.

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  21. “To raise awareness” – Hahahaha, for sure…. this was just a backstab and sellout. You know nothing what happened before and afterwards or at least you didn’t show/post the whole story.

    This is just a f* clickbait and you should be ashamed of you posting this.

    I’ll never visit your site again!


    1. “You know nothing what happened before and afterwards or at least you didnโ€™t show/post the whole story.”
      He was an asshole to someone before, and was an asshole to someone after. Seems like a safe bet ๐Ÿ™‚


  22. Sebastianul, you need to remove the article and repost it. Sure, the video and name is gone but all comments (with names) are still here. Besides I think the reference “a streamer cried” is unneccesary aswell. It’s enough that you just say that accidents in the past has happened.


  23. I think it’s better to remove this, sir. I don’t really care about the guy crying while streaming, but if you are a smart man, you remove this post…


  24. So you apologize and say that you didn’t want to name and shame?
    Like you always do? The internet doesn’t forget….

    You posted that you would find it okay if gays/disabled/etc. people would be executed in public?
    Like you blackmailed Rita?

    You sir have problems…. and in most of the countries you would get f* for harassment sir….


          1. how is that blackmailing? Do you know what blackmail is?
            Blackmail is when i have some incriminating evidence on you and say i want this and that from you or i go and release the “evidence” i have on you.

            At most, that snowflake triggering crap you just posted is teasing and opinion. The sirfoch is actually what WG posted about Foch, so it isnt more than relaying what someone else already said and started….and listening to his video when i happened….well i can see the Russian snowflakes getting all triggered and sad faces. LOL.

            People journalistic instincts this last decade suck big **** and really need to understand what a word menas and then how said word applies and then know if it is opinion of facts.

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  25. “posting it back is just a d*ck move , if you canโ€™t understand that , there is awareness you need to get about diffusing content about / of other without their agreement .”
    For those that think it is a dick move to post….go sod off!!!!

    You post crap in your life to the internet whether you are dumb, too drunk or being facetious….then you deserve the embarrassment. A choice was made regardless of his state of mind and life choices…..IMO, people like this need a healthy dose of public shame and embarrassment. Otherwise they will not feel guilty about being a shitter and change their life and choices.

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    1. “IMO, people like this need a healthy dose of public shame and embarrassment. Otherwise they will not feel guilty about being a shitter and change their life and choices.”

      So you just judged someone’s whole life based on some 10 second clip, if you even saw it? Interesting.


  26. Oh I love sensitive drama and shitstorm.

    I remember when I was piss drunk and played games…..No…..actually I dont really, I remember it was PUBG and how I shot my own crouching squadmate…..twice….That was funny ๐Ÿ˜€

    I do wonder why he cry…..probably beer has ended and shops closed. A tragedy worthy of an article.


    1. They all come to show support AFTER a streamer dies of substance abuse, but if you try to expose a problem before it’s too late the fanboys will just rage against the messenger and sweep the issue under the rug. The article was poorly constructed but the problem is real and Twitch should not allow streamers getting shitfaced for viewer entertainment.

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  27. Interesting … we can shit WG for everything, but we cannot shit a drunk streamer getting money for streaming… interesting world we are leaving in.


  28. Seb, I’m a lurker and probably have not posted before, but I support your attempt to communicate this precautionary tale. Maybe this will make someone think twice before reaching such a self destructive condition. A lot of people seem to want to advertise the self destructive actions to justify themselves. Not sure if there would have been an ideal way to communicate this example, but I applaud your good intentions and trying to make it right. I look at it as simply information that I can choose to do with whatever I think is appropriate and responsible. If all the self absorbed individuals who want to throw you under the bus never post again maybe it’s for the best.

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      1. If Dak wasnt drunk, this post woudnt be here. Simple as that. Someone else would be posting this somewhere else, starting a war about whats right or wrong.


  29. I like the post.

    Also, I saved the link, and will share it with all friends that play this game.

    Just today I showed it to my wife (she plays too), and we pondered about how much twisted are the minds of purple scum.

    Up to today, I kinda thought they were just no lifers obsessed with their stats.

    But after seeing this I came to conclusion that many of them are literally LOSING THEIR MINDS over this stupid game.

    I hope that Daki will just stop playing for a while.

    And start taking breaks regularly, whenever the game gets to him like this.


  30. FFS who has not cried when being fucked up on booze now and then lol all you snowflakes need to also stop crying in the comments. I would have posted this also. It’s also a bit funny because he is such an arrogant shit on his stream. Karma….


  31. This is kinda how this world works right? If I get drunk and do stupid shit, my friends will kindly remind me of that and take a piss on me whenever they can. And I do the same when someone does stupid shit while being drunk. No good story starts with eating a salad… XD

    If a streamer does something embarrassing while being drunk, it’s his own fault. We should kindly remember him not to do that again if he don’t want us to look at him like a total ass. I like the guy’s content, but he should put his manpants on and don’t whine in public.

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    1. ” I like the guyโ€™s content, but he should put his manpants on and donโ€™t whine in public.”

      Who makes that rule? Who is saying that you are not allowed to whine?

      All this shows me that we most people still have strange views due to their education. Some things like “Emotions are private, don’t whine as a man”. It’s just bullshit and cause lots of trouble for a lot of people, I can tell you that from my daily work. But this subject is still a taboo in our modern world.

      From my perspective he became more likeable as it shows that he is a human.

      And in generall, so not talking to you,I have a problem with answers like “When he wouldn’t be drunk and stream this post would never be created so its his fault”. A first wrong decision or move does not legalize any other further bad & wrong steps.

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      1. It has nothing to do with a taboo on showing emotions, but with the consequences. If you are streaming, you are going public and you know you are exposed. If you choose to booze while streaming, you are taking a risk.

        Besides, if you are getting emotional, you can also choose to quit the stream. The guy did not, Seb chooses to post something about it and the guy has to deal with the consequences.

        I don’t get all the little snowflakes here, they are crying harder then that streamer guy.


  32. If a guy is streaming, he is prepared to make himself public. And, he is aware of this.
    Then, he should not be surprised that, if he f@cks it up big ways (in terms of misbehaviour) that his name is mentioned, publicly.
    I have no problems that the guys name and link is placed openly and I disagree that it is removed.
    You become a “public person”, you have to know what the consequences are.
    I hope he learns from that and I hope this incident being made public helps him to take the courage to sort himself out.

    I have a very different opinion when situations of private persons are made public. But in the case of a streamer, it is a conscious decision that everything they stream is public for all others to see so, there is absolutely nothing wrong publishing everything.

    So, if you are sensitive about how you behave, how you speak, how you drink, DO NOT STREAM!
    If you do, learn to live with the consequences.

    I would have reacted very differently if Seb had posted a recording of someone playing a random battle. But in a case of someone streaming, everything is public!

    Liked by 1 person

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