WoT Blitz – Random news

  • The Soviet tier III light tank T-70/57 is being tested in random battles.

    • Batchat 25t intra clip reload and terrain resistance buffs were tested in the general test. But, as the tests showed, the buffed batchat was too overpowered. WG will look for a way to buff it without making the tank overpowered. It could be that WG will decide to buff the penetration instead.

  • The Chinese heavy tank line – IS-2, 110, WZ-111 1-4 and 113 are undergoing tests. They might be tested in the common test server.
  • WG has no plans to introduce new vehicle mechanics.

Thanks to The Blitz Post



2 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Random news

  1. I wonder if the T-70/57 is completely made up, or if a prototype was actually made or existed in blueprints somewhere. Though I find it hard to believe they fit a 57mm gun in that small turret


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