WoT – Falathi Q&A 18.02.2018

Q&A with Polish CC Falathi, done by youtuber Faja.

Q: Was the game remade from scratch on the new engine?
A: Maybe not from scratch, but the game did migrate to a new graphic engine. Definitely more modern, and that’s why it’s not 9.x anymore, but 1.0. Change of the engine, all maps reworked to HD, and tweaked a bit at the same time. Add to that new sounds, new fx, and new physics, which can be seen especially well during object destruction. The scope of changes is broad, and very extensive. The game really looks better, and that’s why the idea to brand it 1.0, which will be a milestone for the further development of the game.

Q: Are there a lot of bugs in 1.0?
A: Yes, this is not the final version. What we have now is just the first test phase.

Q: How do the hardware requirements look like?
A: There was helluva a lot of work put into the update, to the point that despite the improvements in the visual fidelity, the requirements didn’t increase. Depending on your rig, you can expect either the same amount of FPS, a wee bit less, or maybe even a bit more. If you have the means, do install the game on an SSD, the difference in load times compared to an HDD increased dramatically.

Q: So, when will the Poles come?
A: Listen, if Armageddon doesn’t happen, the Poles will be here this year. Expect some info soon.

Q: Were all the maps redone for the new engine.
A: Yes and no. On one hand it’s really hard to find a map that wasn’t heavily redone, which doesn’t have some new elements. Yes, it’s hard to find a square on a map which wasn’t substantially reworked, but on the other hand, if you look at the minimap, the concept is still the same, just with small changes.

Q: Will all maps be introduced in 1.0 or will some need to wait?
A: Practically all the maps will be added at once, just a few dupes like Winterberg will be removed. In the near future, we can expect a few maps to be added, including an oldie, removed a long time ago, now returning in HD glory.

Q: Will we really need to relearn the maps now?
A: Yes, definitely. The maps are similar, but there were changes in height and somewhat flattened, which really will change the gameplay.

Q: LT buff in 1.0?
A: Highly doubtful, since statistically they’re fine. Unless there are some isolated cases which really need one.

Q: Next trade-in?
A: In some time, because we still have the ability to do so now. Of course the amount of tanks in the pool is limited, and maybe it will be changed again, probably after 1.0.

Q: New personal missions when?
A: Good question. From what I know, we can expect a lot of changes to them in this year, but the details haven’t been finalized.

Q: Old prem tank buffs?
A: Good question, but dunno.

Q: A better deal on XP conversion?
A: During a special, most likely in the next one-two months.

Q: More Domination mode
A: I know nothing.

Q: When did the work on the new graphics start?
A: I don’t know exactly, but around two years ago.

Q: Patriot or Defender on sale when?
A: No plans for the Defender on EU for now. Maybe somewhere in the future, but if there are no plans for now, it won’t appear fast. The Patriot I’d look out for in the next one-two months.

Q: When will the famed wholesale rebalance happen? It’s been two years already.
A: We’ll continue the work on it. It would be good if it ended in this year.

Q: What’s the tank planned after the Object 430 Version II?
A: Nothing the devs want to share with us.

Q: Gold ammo changes?
A: Most likely to happen this year.

Q: On the Redshire map there’s a tree you can’t destroy, called the Memorial Tree…
A: I’m sure it’s an easter egg.


Q: Do you know the date when 1.0 will come?
A: No, because there’s no solid one. We want to do it ASAP, and most likely it will be in March, but all depends on the test results. If they’re satisfying, 1.0 will be here in March, but if not, there will be a delay.

Q: Old arty comeback?
A: Nah.

Q: Grille 15 buff?
A: Nothing I’ve heard of.

Q: Is it true that the new graphics are a KO for old rigs?
A: No. Download the test client or enCore, and you can see yourself. If someone is playing on an abacus, he’ll still be able to do so in 1.0. Of course the graphics will be much different in Ultra.

Q: After removing some preferential MM prems, will you be adding vehicles like the Liberte or Patriot to the tech tree and in the store to stay?
A: It’s possible.

Q: Will the Object 279 be added?
A: No idea.

Q: What about the Kirovets-1?
A: I have no idea.

Q: Will Studzianki make the cut to 1.0?
A: The map should enter the game after 1.0.

Q: Will WG improve the maps after 1.0?
A: Yes. We want 1.0 and following updates to remove boosts, bugs, and other negative things from the maps.

Q: Can you play 1.0 on a 4K monitor?
A: I don’t know that. Running the game should be possible, but I don’t know if the quality will be fitting.

Q: Will you be able to get the Death Star again?
A: Nope.

Q: Will the Hidden Village map return?
A: Possible, but not guaranteed.

Q: Is the T-22 medium something that we’ll be able to get again
A: No plans for now.

Q: Will the WT E100 return? Any plans to buff the King Tiger or E100?
A: We’ll see.

Q: When will the Progetto come to the shop?
A: Most likely before the full Italian tree gets implemented.

Q: Why was the Tiger I model refreshed but not buffed?
A: Because the visuals and buffs are two separate things.

Q: Will the WZ-111 Alpine Tiger be purchasable on EU?
A: On PC? No plans.

Q: Will the Polish tree enter the game like the Swedes, so like a present of holiday event?
A: No.

Q: Are there ANY plans whatsoever?
A: If you’re asking about the Poles, then there’s a lot. From what I know, there are no fantasy tanks. But if the tanks will be more Polish or more soviet – I can’t say.

Q: Another ban wave?
A: Imminent.

Q: Will the Rudy move to the Polish tree.
A: It’s pondered upon. One solution is that you’ll be able to pick which tree you want it to be in.

Q: When can we expect French arty in the store?
A: You can expect the leFH on various WoT anniversaries.

Q: What’s the tank after the T-10?
A: No info for now.

Q: Will troll platoons return in 1.0?
A: They won’t.

Q: What will be the Polish X?
A: I know, but can’t tell. All I can tell that it’s very interesting and good looking.

Q: PL1 server?
A: Nope.

Q: Will everyone have HD maps?
A: Yes.

Q: Any prem tank balance changes.
A: We can’t change prems drastically, because gold/money purchases can only be buffed, so if we tried too hard, we could make them OP.