WoT NA – WZ-111 Alpine Tiger spotted

While playing Clan Wars, some fellow TAP readers spotted the special version of the WZ-111 in the enemy lineup:

Upon closer investigation, the player also has the tank in his service history:

Could this mean that the Alpine Tiger will find it’s way into NA and possibly EU servers? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


25 thoughts on “WoT NA – WZ-111 Alpine Tiger spotted

  1. Of course t is on EU, nobody look in file of the game or what?
    Does that mean it will be sold? No, there is a lot of tank in the game that aren’t sold, so why people are whining


    1. Many things are in the game files, like Type 59G, Edelweiss, 113 Beijing Opera, removed vehicles like the old T18, T57 (the old artillery, and maybe soon to come vehicles – 777V2, Chieftain, etc.


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