War Thunder – Dagor Engine 5.0: New Weather FX

Continuing the highlighting of some of the new features in our Dagor Engine 5.0 graphical engine, that we are planning to present to War Thunder players in update 1.77. In today’s devblog in connection with the new Dagor Engine 5.0, we would like to talk about two visual features: weather and environmental effects.

Rain effects

We have improved rain and rain water effects. Now raindrops will leave ripples on puddles and water surfaces. As well as that, streams of rain water will now flow down and across surfaces – stones, pavement, roofs and walls:

Layered fog

In update 1.77, our new graphical engine Dagor Engine 5.0 will bring fog and smoke effects to the game. Depending on the weather, fog can appear over rivers and lakes, and in valleys and fields. We have tried to make the fog effect as photo realistic as possible, the fog itself looks three-dimensional, has layers and a visual depth – in other words, it’s very similar to real fog.

Incidentally, in the future fog may influence gameplay – for example, by hiding the advance of an assault group of tank






Dynamic clouds and sun

Clouds and sun in our game now have their own life. Clouds move across the sky and don’t just hang in place. The sun also moves from East to West in an astronomically correct way, according to the date and time of a battle and geographical latitude of a location.