Wargaming.net: Most Popular Game Publisher in Ukraine

Newzoo, an analytics company researching the video game market has analyzed Wargaming since the beginning of 2018.

At the national level, Wargaming.net is the most popular publisher in Ukraine – 29,7% of players do play at least one of their titles. Russia and the Czech Republic occupy the 2nd and 3r positions with 26.6% and respectively 19.5% market share. In Russia, Wargaming.net is the second largest game publisher, just behind Valve Corporation, which has 28,3%. A large proportion of players in these nations play more than one WG title: from 12% to 19%.

World of Tanks is the most popular title on PC in both Ukraine and Russia. In Russia, a large proportion of World of Tanks players also spend their time playing PUBG – as much as 8,9%.

As for World of Warships, the largest audience, as many as 3% of its players come from Germany, making it the 18th most popular game among German PC gamers.

Greek players spent the most time playing the title with an average session lasting almost 3 hours, compared to the world average of two hours. American players spend the most time playing World of Tanks, with an average session duration of 2 hours and 49 minutes, compared to the world average of 2 hours. The game takes the 25th place in the U.S.

Generally speaking, Wargaming games have one of the highest rates of time spent in the game, among all PC games – this is evidence of their high efficiency in attracting and keeping players.


15 thoughts on “Wargaming.net: Most Popular Game Publisher in Ukraine

    1. How can you even ragequit? You have to be exceptionally bad to actually rage that hard over a game. Bad at the game or bad as a human being, one of the two.


  1. I don’t understand some of the comments, what were you expecting from a company that has/had a development office in Kiev?

    I am absolutely sure that if WG was a Spanish company much more people would play WoT in Spain than the few that play it already, there’s always that sense o national pride when you see things that are made in your country and have at least a little bit of quality

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