Wargaming closes Emeryville office

Brief information: Wargaming reorganizes its American developing and publishing office.

Successful North American publishing houses will now be transferred to other two existing sites. The US World of Tanks Console publishers will move to the Chicago-Baltimore studio, while those responsible for the World of Tanks PC server will move to Austin.

The office in Emeryville, CA will be closed on March 31, 2018.


10 thoughts on “Wargaming closes Emeryville office

  1. Why the fuck do people go to California just over priced hippies and weird-o’s out there sure but the jobs pay 40$ a hour but the cost of living stupid high to where you are just making 8 dollars a hour plus cali has some stupidass gun laws

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  2. Oh jee, it couldnt possibly be because of Californias whacked out liberal laws. Oh jee, like pitching a fit over the Tax Cut, jacking up the local state tax by 10% to spite all buisness so they cant benefit from it. Real progressive there liberals.

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  3. Packing up and leaving, even if it’s from a batshit crazy state like mine, isn’t something a lot of people can easily do. A lot of us in California are fully aware of the insane path our state is headed down, but as long as Governor Moonbeam keeps siphoning off funds for his magical train to nowhere…


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