Return from Exile (+ poll)

Greetings, TAP readers. As you could tell, the last 3 weeks didn’t see much of me in terms of blog activity. That’s because I had to impose a self-restriction in order to focus on learning for semestrial exams (In case you did not know, I am doing studies in order to get a license in Agriculture, which will take 3 more years; there are several reasons for doing this like planting cannabis for biodiesel and other business ideas). It made me feel really bad (like something was missing, emptiness and so on), but I thought Verox and Atikabubu were up to the task (and they will get their rewards for helping me out too). I’d like you to give them ratings from 1 to 10, rating how well they replaced me. Thanks!

[polldaddy poll=9935967]

[polldaddy poll=9935969]

I would also like to ask everyone to provide their feedback in the comments about TAP and the authors, because we need constructive criticism in order to become better.