WoT EU Premium shop: T-28E with F-30

Source: WoT EU Portal


The T-28E with F-30 is a true rarity and an extremely powerful foe on the battlefield. It may be similar to the normal T-28 at Tier IV but boasts a hard-hitting 85 mm gun and improved armour. All this comes at a price of slightly lower mobility, making it feel like a heavy tank despite its classification as a medium. Don’t miss out on adding this Soviet to your arsenal!

The following offer is available in the Premium Shop from 6 February at 06:00 to 8 February at 06:00 CET (UTC+1):

Collector’s Gem of the Week:
T-28E with F-30

  • IV T-28E with F-30
  •  Garage Slot.
  • 4,250 gold.
  •  Premium Account: 30 days

Price: 29.95


3 thoughts on “WoT EU Premium shop: T-28E with F-30

  1. its very BIG no camo value at all
    its very slow 35 kph max speed
    low engine power

    bad gun depression
    inaccurate gun 0,43
    very long aim time (3.2 seconds and you really notice it
    6 crew

    the gun when it works is a scream huge big smile, that’s when it hits a enemy
    gun is only good thing here, nothing else

    as top Tier 4 its fun – but T3’s can kill you easy if skilled players in T3 run circles around you.

    see’s T6 where its a sad, sad joke!


    1. But online lang other tier 4s the F-30 can at least really harm those tier 6 enemies. The T-34-85s gun isn’t SO much different in terms of pen and damage.

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