WoT ASIA: ANZ Periphery Server Update

Source: WoT ASIA portal

Almost like clockwork, late last year the SEA-ME-WE3 cable from Singapore to Australia broke. This time Wargaming was ready. In order to save our ANZ players from bad ping over the break, we flicked the primetime servers on 24/7 with the proviso that we’ll revaluate it at the end of January when the cable was fixed.

While we have been elated to see the figures coming out of the server since its launch, it’s clear to ensure players of all tiers enjoy an optimal gameplay experience that we need to revert to prime-time servers. However, there’s a few changes which we think will make people happy!

Firstly, we’ve listened to your feedback about weekends, so the ANZ server will operate all weekend from Friday night (starting at 5pm AEDT) until Monday morning (2am AEDT). Secondly, the weekday server start time will now be an hour earlier (kicking off at 5pm AEDT) to help our Kiwi friends out.

Changes will take effect from 1st of February. See you on the weekend – all weekend!