WoT – Start the hunt : ELC EVEN 90


18 thoughts on “WoT – Start the hunt : ELC EVEN 90

  1. So nice to know how low WG thinks of us, customers. “Those idiots will buy anything!” The hunt is started, hunt for idiots that expect to kill a lot of jap heavies with prem LT. Pay up, cash cows!

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  2. Yet E25 remains unnerfed, sees no tier 10, no tier 9, has threefold dpm, better camo, better armour, better mobility..


  3. WarGame must think that were ALL fucking stupid and idiots at the same time ~ this T8 shit LT tank will bomb in sales so badly.

    Light Tanks are becoming a joke class this just proves it (no LT Maps anyway, so ……

    Do they not see the streamers combined disbelief at how shit this tank is, just incredible the balls of WG to even try to sell this, embarrassing lots.


    1. Yes, there is no limit to view range (do not confuse it with spotting distance).
      Any view range above the max spotting distance reduces the enemies camo values.
      I had 550m view range on my leFH arty, lol!


  4. Already all reviewers call it the shittiest tier 8 premium to be sold ever. But WG still wants to bullshit us into buying it. We should rally and make sure nobody buys it so that the idiots that made it and approved it get fired.


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