WoT: Premium ammo usage graph

Thanks to sm-barbie on reddit for this.

I counted shots in my recent replay files (around 200) and made two tables, all data might very well be wrong or just plain out imaginary. Only entries with at least 200 shots in total are listed.

Shots hitting the tank mentioned: Just hit, no pen needed. Drive in a Type 5 and almost 50% of shots on you are premium.

Total shots fired Premium shells fired Regular shells fired Quota Tank
822 251 571 30.54% IS-7
743 91 652 12.25% T-10
577 49 528 8.49% IS-3
485 159 326 32.78% JagdPz E100
355 30 325 8.45% Lowe
331 34 297 10.27% Rhm Skorpion
310 44 266 14.19% E-75
302 106 196 35.10% E-100
286 48 238 16.78% Mauschen
280 19 261 6.79% T26E4 SuperPershing
248 19 229 7.66% T-54
246 16 230 6.50% EMIL I
237 19 218 8.02% IS
234 111 123 47.44% Type 5 heavy
231 36 195 15.58% O-I
225 16 209 7.11% B-C 12t
216 93 123 43.06% Maus
212 27 185 12.74% Object 252U
210 23 187 10.95% T34
208 16 192 7.69% Tiger II
203 45 158 22.17% TVP T50/51

Shots fired by the tank mentioned: A shot has to hit another tank to be counted. The common Löwe will not fire any premium shells.

Total shots fired Premium shells fired Regular shells fired Quota Tank
621 118 503 19.00% IS-8
566 145 421 25.62% IS-7
481 72 409 14.97% Rhm Skorpion
385 39 346 10.13% IS-3
335 0 335 0.00% Lowe
299 0 299 0.00% Strv S1
295 56 239 18.98% TVP T50/51
284 45 239 15.85% Object 140
275 54 221 19.64% T-54
271 21 250 7.75% B-C 25t
253 0 253 0.00% T26E4 SuperPershing
252 0 252 0.00% M48A5 Patton
251 48 203 19.12% Object 430II
248 0 248 0.00% AMX 13 90
232 0 232 0.00% T-54 ltwt
223 0 223 0.00% Type 59
212 23 189 10.85% IS
205 28 177 13.66% E-75

So far only direct hits are included. Hits by unseen snipers might not be included.


20 thoughts on “WoT: Premium ammo usage graph

  1. Well, sure. Find yourself against a Type 5 frontally and your finger will slip to the 2 key without you even realising.
    When players actually have weakspots to hit, gold ammo consumption may dip a bit.

    Although, I wonder why people bother using gold ammo against the TVP T 50/51. It has paper-thin armor, it get penetrated by just about any tank from tier 8 up shooting normal ammo…

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      1. according to tanks.gg both cupolas are the same (ca. 260mm effective armor), so both won’t be penned by standard ammo or only with a bad chance.

        the Types are just plain credit sinks – they shoot MUCH more prem-ammo (prem-HE is just a nobrainer) and their armor cries for prem-ammo, too. with standard ammo almost invincible (sure, 250mm “weakspot” *rofl*), but mostly butter with prem ammo.


  2. Just a reminder – sometimes soft tanks are fighting next to hard armored tanks. If I’ve loaded skill to beat a tank around a corner I won’t hesitate using the skillgrenade against a light armored tank showing up… So maybe the 20% premium shells hitting the TVP is because whenever he gets spotted people will shoot anything at him they already loaded.

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  3. 50% of all ammo fired at a tank that is practically immune to standard rounds from the front is premium.

    In other news, water is wet.

    Seriously, this is the only way it was ever going to go with the new super heavies. You give people no choice to do anything but load gold if they want to damage you. So of course, they’ll dip into their pockets and throw their money at you if that’s the only option they have.

    Quite how WG are so flagrant with the credit sink nonsense they put in really irks me, even as an ex-player.

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  4. thinking I should post findings on damage distribution over 1200 shots. It’s not pretty, but it still makes “average damage.”


  5. WoT should just make premium rounds standard or remove them entirely, or even better make them a viable choice for reasons other than simply pen. Have a choice be a choice, not a no brainer (MORE PEN = BETTER).

    “I’m firing HEAT because it doesn’t lose pen over distance, not because it has 60mm more pen than the standard round at 50m. Are the characteristics of the HEAT shell going to allow for a viable hit based on the target I’m shooting at (spaced armor, only tracks visible etc)” Maybe AP is better in this case.”

    “I’m firing APCR because it has a higher shot velocity making sniping easier, not because it has 60mm more pen than the stand round at 50m. The downside is that I will lose power over distance more than my AP choice, so is it worth the penetration loss for the velocity increase.”


    The shell choice should be based on an intelligent decision to use that shell type based on the situation, not simply “it has more pen so is better all the time” like 99% of the premium ammo choices are.


  6. How about the shots that miss? Maybe premium ammo users just aim better because they don’t want to waste credits, or just because they are a better class of person. :p


  7. This is the reason, why more armored tanks are introduced,
    why we have 3-5-7 MM.

    Gold, Monetization.

    WG ideal tanks has sub par penetration, and above average armor.
    (ideally armor which is able to absorb/ricochet gold shots)


  8. They don’t make money off premium rounds. The people using them have more credits than they know what to do with. Saying that they are using as monetization is not a very viable argument any more. Not to mention WoWS doesn’t have premium ammo and does just fine.

    I think that premium ammo is a legacy aspect of the game when they used to monetize it, and its just not needed any more.


    1. I tend to disagree.
      Premium ammunition on high tiers (8-10) can be used regularly only with premium account.
      Moreover, it’s actually causes frustration in players and motivate them to use it more n more.
      I’m not saying you buy premium ammo for actual in-game gold, I just say you need premium account to keep it going.

      Also before 3-5-7 you could run tier 8 premium just nicely, without any gold. And earn a lot. Now you’re not earning with tier 8 premium as you used to..

      Hence due to points 1 and 2 : monetization.


  9. i miss when you had to use actual gold to by prem rounds now since they allow it to be bought with credits ,,, especially in the low tiers 1-3 there really is no need for those tanks to have to use gold premium rounds in the game and some of the stats are skewed because i see type59’s spamming gold rounds all the time but this is my 2cents worth on the subject


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