WoT Blitz: Camouflage: Winter Arrival

Source: WoT Blitz EU portal

No more greyness and routine! You’ll be able to deck out your favorite vehicles in a week. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the new winter arrivals.

Steppe Snowstorm

This camouflage pattern imitates black soil slightly powdered with snow. Due to its simple design, Steppe Snowstorm works well with any vehicle. Although it can be installed in all slots, this camouflage is especially good on winter maps.

The cost of unlocking it varies from 65 gold  to 1,200 gold depending on the vehicle tier.

Fire Sentinel

Chinese Tech Tree vehicles swiftly sweep in World of Tanks Blitz! Only the chosen ones—medium Chinese tanks Type 58, T-34-1, T-34-2, WZ-120, 121, and the Premium Type 59—are worthy of this rare blazing warpaint.

The cost of unlocking it starts with 200 gold for Tier V and reaches 1,200 gold for Tier X vehicles.


For the SuperPershings to be able to fight on par with the Panthers and Royal Tigers, our experts from the maintenance battalion augmented them with additional armor. The plates for the front armored parts of the hull and mantlet were cut from things that could be found nearby: plates of 38-mm German boiler steel and parts of a captured Panther. These inserts and the crew’s artwork can be easily spotted on the legendary camouflage for the T26E4 SuperPershing.

The cost of unlocking it is 1,450 gold.

Steel Predator

Steel Predator is based around a historical ambush camouflage of the German army. White, blue, and brown stripes… What else do you need to securely conceal such a “tiny” vehicle like the Maus amidst winter scenery?

The cost of unlocking it is 2,550 gold.


What does the word “legion” make you think of? Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Blitz Twister Cup 2017 champions! We felt bound to eternalize the confident and beautiful victory of Legion—the team from the European LGN clan—in our game. Meet the Maus with a Roman warrior on its sides. It is ready to stand up to the strongest teams in the world!

The cost of unlocking it is 2,840 gold. It changes the tank name in battle to Maus Legionary.


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