WoWS: [Round 1] Public Test 0.7.1

We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.7.1 which covers all the latest changes. Read more about it in our Developer Bulletin below, and prepare to jump into the Public Test and try the changes out for yourself!

France will be the focus of the next two Updates in World of Warships. During 0.7.1 Public Test, you’ll be able to try a new Collection and a new unique Commander. Not to mention the new port Marseille! There is also a new map called “Sleeping Giant” and reworked maps “Trap”, and “Tears of the Desert”. On top of all that, a new season of Clan Battles—Islands of Ice—will kick off once the next Update goes live!

Take part in the Public Test to try out and evaluate the changes that the forthcoming version will bring to the game.

Round 1 of the Public Test will run from 25 January 2018 at 17:30 CET until 29 January 2018 at 14:00 CET (UTC+1).

Important! Because the version update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of publication. Certain changes and new features may be stripped or implemented in a different way by the time the final version of this update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.

Round 1 Changes

Marseille Port

Marseille will be the second French Port available in the game, but it drastically differs from Dunkirk, a port that is already well-known to many of you. The new Port was recreated from photos that date back to 1936-1940s. The Port of Marseille is void of any military activity, instead focusing on a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere associated with the French Riviera. Take advantage of the new camera features available from Update 0.7.0 to enjoy the new Port views.

“Vive la France” Collection

With the forthcoming release of the new French battleship tech tree, all players will have access to a temporary collection called “Vive la France”.

Complete combat missions during the Public Test to earn French Containers with collection items and the new Revolutionary camouflage.

The collection will contain 18 items including:

  • Stylized images of Allied and French ships, including a battleships duo of Dunkerque and Hood in the North Sea;
  • Coats of arms, and badges worn by French battleships (e.g. the Coat of Arms of Normandy)
  • Weapons and technical facilities associated with the history of the French Navy, with one of the elements being a 380mm gun, the first gun to be mounted on the Tier VIII battleship, Richelieu.
  • Each Container earned gives you a chance to open a special combat mission for the tier IX battleship Alsace carrying 380mm guns and equipped with a Speed Boost consumable

Please Note: The requirements to earn these items are simpler during the Public Test compared to the live server, and rewards issued via Containers after the Update releases may differ from those granted during the Public Test.

A New Unique Commander

The Collection is but one side of the upcoming “French” update. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll have a chance to test the battle skills of a new Commander called Jean-Jacques Honoré.

This battle-hardened veteran comes with enhanced “Expert Marksman” and “Adrenaline Rush” skills, 10 undistributed skill points, and Bougainville specialisation. Full characteristics of enhanced skills:

“Expert Marksman”:

  • +3 (instead of +2.5) degrees to traverse speed of guns with a calibre up to 139mm
  • +1 (instead of +0.7) degrees to traverse speed of guns with a calibre exceeding 139mm.

“Adrenaline Rush”:

  • -0.25% (instead of -0.2%) to reload time of all types of armament for each 1% of HP lost.

Existing Map Changes

Due to numerous requests from players, we have reworked two maps that often left players asking questions. Those maps are:

“Trap” for Tier VIII-X ships

“Tears of the Desert” for Tier IX-X ships.

These maps will now encourage more dynamic gameplay. We’ve also improved the balance between types of ships. The “Tears of the Desert” map will be noticeably more comfortable for cruisers.

New Map

In addition to the reworked maps, we’re happy to announce the release of a totally new one! The “Sleeping Giant” map combines islands, straits and free flanks, and will be available for ships of Tier IX and X. The new in-game location will take you to the coasts of China with some interesting specific details like the Great Wall of China on the horizon.

The map will encourage dynamic gameplay: In the Domination battle mode, the Key Area on the left is surrounded by large yet low-rising islands suitable enough for firing from behind them. Between the Key Areas on the right and in the centre, there are several straits that allow moving from one Key Area to the other while remaining under cover. Also, the map is relatively symmetrical and gives equal opportunities for both teams.

Clan Battles Season II

Clan Battles are coming back to World of Warships soon! During the Islands of Ice season, standard rules will apply:

  • Tier X ships will clash in a 7×7 format with no carriers allowed and a limit of no more than 1 battleship per team.
  • A victorious battle moves a Clan up the league’s ladder and that’s where our main surprise, an extra top league (Hurricane) will be waiting for you.
  • To access it, climb through the Typhoon League through a series of Progression Battles. The Hurricane League does not contain any groups and there are no limits on boosting your Clan’s Rating.

Remember, once you lose all your points, your Clan will have to win in a series of Relegation Battles to stay in the league. Consequently, the Clan Rating system will be made up of five Leagues:

  • Squall League
  • Gale League
  • Storm League
  • Typhoon League
  • Hurricane League

During the Public Test, battles take place between teams of three players. Ships aren’t available for rent on the Public Test out but it’ll be a lot easier to unlock any desired Tier X ship, so go for it!

Plunge right into the heat of battles in League – conditions for progressing through Leagues are noticeably simplified, too. As usual, rented Tier X ships will be available after you’ve played at least one battle after the Update is live.

Sound Changes

With each and every Update, the sounds in World of Warships become more versatile and saturated and Update 0.7.1 won’t be an exception. It will bring the following changes:

  • Change of weather conditions in a battle will now be accompanied by a special sound warning
  • With the Ultra High audio quality selected, the sounds of shells hitting ships, the sound of ship destruction, surface explosions, and the sound of guns firing at a long distance from your ship when you’re in the Binoculars view, will now produce an even more impressive effect
  • We increased the distance of battle audibility by improving the dimensional processing of sounds
  • When playing with an aircraft carrier with the War Drums sound mod enabled, players will hear music processed differently depending on camera angle

Graphics Changes

Two new graphics settings – Maximum and Very Low – will let you choose between more beautiful details or uncompromising performance, respectively.

Please note that any of the two new modes may only be enabled in the Graphics Settings manually.