WoT 9.22 CT is now open!

The client can now be updated and the test server is now open, enjoy!

EU download link: here

ASIA download link: here


2 thoughts on “WoT 9.22 CT is now open!

  1. aaand even when they said that 263 is t 9 with unchanged or lightly tweaked stats -its a lie – 2500 dpm horrible gun handling except aim time which is useless with 0.42 acc…dpm dead – armor same as t 10 – cant turn even if u get rammed ny a horde of e 100s ….captain slow is better than this piece of shit – the t 10 got the epic sprint capacitys that the old 263 had – but cant pen his own tank in the lower plate 50 % of the time – a nice heat pussy tank

    and dont get me started on the 257 – this thing is another noskiller tank that will do and carry all on its own – 0 player skill required – i bounced at his front wheel with the 268 with ap 3 times – 90 degree side from him – epic skill there buddy

    only good part is the new line – the t 10 can bounce shit and its a MUST to take some HE as well since u can 2 or 3 shot the shitbarns … turns like a brick thou

    430U has potential because russian hovercraft technology ( but limited to 50 kmh) with a chinese 122 mm troll gun – but since u can cry ” STALIN – GUIDE MY SHOT” it will autopen and ammorack a maus sometimes

    gg wargaming – i would say those programmers need to get shot in their balls with paintball cannons untill they learn what balance means…

    potentially good tanks : the 268 since its a stormtrooper – cant hit but can run fast
    705A – geez untill they learn about more heat and some weakspots
    257 – easteuropean noob proof so autowin tank


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