WoT EU & NA – Bonds: The Grand Hunt

Source: WoT Portals

Gentlemen, start your engines: the chase is about to begin. As the game is steadily approaching Update 9.22, a new event, The Grand Hunt, is ready to kickoff, granting an opportunity for every tanker to earn a ton of Bonds. Given that 9.22 will mainly be a content update, this is a great chance to fine-tune both newly explored and good-ol’ machines with Directives.

With simple combat missions, the event will become an extra way to earn a rare currency and be fully armed for 9.22. Here’s how the event will work.

Stage I: Generating the prize pool

The first stage of The Grand Hunt starts on 19 January and will last three days. This is where tankers should be particularly active, as it’s going to be a decisive period to define how many Bonds you’ll be able to put in your wallet.

By the end Stage I, we’ll total all the earned Bonds and increase this number significantly. This very number will form a total prize pool, which every player will eventually fight for. We want to keep full transparency on the progress during this stage, so we’ll put a special counter on the home page that will refresh every hour. This will help you easily trace everyone’s combined efforts.

Stage II: Reaping the prize pool

When the first three days expire, the even better part begins. Every day, you’ll be receiving 2 battle missions:

  1. Play 15 battles per day, where you reach the Top 10 in your team. Fulfilling this task will grant you 100.
  2. Earn 13,000 base XP points daily. This one’s more complicated, but guarantees 150 in your account at the end of the day.

Overall, you’ll have a chance to earn 250 Bonds on a daily basis, until the event comes to a close. When does it happen? That totally depends on your efficiency during the first stage. The Grand Hunt has no strict end date: the more Bonds the community puts into the prize pool, the more days you’ll have to deplete it.

The only strict requirement The Grand Hunt will have is that only vehicles of Tier VI and above will be allowed to enter the event.

The crucial factor here is to remain active and persistent throughout the whole event and enjoy a well-deserved reward. So, hop in and join the chase!


19 thoughts on “WoT EU & NA – Bonds: The Grand Hunt

  1. Supposing you go through the trouble, you’d need to earn the 250 bonds on at least 20 different days to get enough for just one enhanced equipment item. And that’s presuming the entire prize pool is big enough to last for 20 days of this.

    Clearly, bonds remain a mere gimmick to motivate participation in ranked mode. Eventually ranked is either going to have to stand on its own merits or die entirely. And once either of those outcomes are reached, enhanced equipment and directives can be sold for credits. And that’ll be a notable improvement.


  2. A new ‘stick and carrot’ addition! Intended to increase in product engagement, to coerce and increase the probability of a player to start spending on the product though it’s ‘frustration mechanics’.

    …meanwhile in parallel universe, around the corner, WoT’s problems are being fixed! Devs actually listen to all regions with the same enthusiasm, take the good feedback and serious act upon it. To create a truly better, more balanced and actual enjoyable product experience.

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  3. Many campaign players are still struggling to get their 4k bonds required for purchasing their campaign reward tank… WG fucked up so they had to do something


      1. If you as a player ended in top 11k in the last CW campaign you can pick any tier 10 Reward Tank in the game you didn’t already pick in a previous campaign ie. M60, VK72, T95Esomething, Object 907 and 121B… But it would (with no warning before campaign) cost 4000 bonds.
        Biggest problem was/is a majority of players only had enough bonds when campaign ended if they by chance had won bonds through the Ranked battle tests or had a serious amount of tier 10 games…


  4. i have 2k bonds and i haven’t spent a single one. Not even on the crew skills. Therefore i couldn’t give two hoots about this event


  5. You have to spamm about 2-3 mil credits on gold ammo,consumables,to be competitive in ranked mode,and hope you get a good ranking to earn a couple thousand bonds.
    Been there,done that,bought improved optics for 4000 bonds for my T-100,unless you are some try-hard clan veteran,not really worth it…….ranked participation will decrease,and finally they will realize that bonds should be available in the store to monetize their game,which is a much more balanced and suitable way(among others like customizing,camos,emblems,or even “speciall” shells like illuminating shells,or smoke shells),than forcing everybody and their pet-hamster to shoot prem rounds……..


    1. ….and someone might as well ignore this bullshit they came up with,and just join a clan and compete the same way but with better coordination,and way better prizes.

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  6. Sooooo after the first 3 days those who took part in the campaign can use the daily missions to farm bonds for their tier 10 CW tanks… Nice… I hope it’s up for 10 days, 2500 bonds will guarantee my Obj. 907…


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