A very interesting mod – Atacms’ UML & TheFalkonett’s UUP (Tank Animations)



56 thoughts on “A very interesting mod – Atacms’ UML & TheFalkonett’s UUP (Tank Animations)

  1. The interesting thing, is WG could use the “siege” mode for this in many tanks, I personally think that Arty should need to be in siege mode ie put their spade down and be static to fire.

    Also the Pz.Sfl. IVc when static in siege mode would have 360 degree arc of fire.
    But have it take say 5 seconds to activate.

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    1. More like you have worse disspersion on the move and so on if dont have the siege mode with arty on but it gets better with it on and if you want to move, than turn the spade up again.


    2. Fully agree, siege mode it would open up a lot of possibilities if coupled with such animations for some vehicle and vehicle classes..


    1. Normal remodels worked while I was playing on the sandbox server. All that has to happen to have these work aswell, is to have Atacms update his UML when it’s time.


    1. i guess the models have already the ability to be rigged, so that means they know how to do it, but for some reason (didn’t got paid enough 😛 ) they haven’t implemented it.


      1. The moving pieces are actually a part of the gun’s model (I don’t feel like explaining it though, since it can be somewhat complicated and take some time).
        So at the moment, there’s (at least to my knowledge) no such feature in the base game (the halloween stuff got removed from the client AFAIK).


      1. It says in my OP that I want to do all tanks. Obj 261 is already done though. I think on average I upload one new remodel every… I’d say 2 days or so


  2. Does anybody know if the side panels on the Flak Bus were manual or hydraulic? Ain’t no way they’d be moving that fast if they were hand cranked.


    1. They should be manual. At least I saw 4 hand cranks on the inside of the Flakbus while working on it. They are animated aswell though.
      It’s purely that fast to actually see it in-game. If it’d take 3 minutes to move, you’d never see it fully deployed in a battle.


  3. Since WoT Express made a slight mistake in their video, everyone’s been getting it wrong:
    The UML (Universal Model Loader) was made by Atacms. It enables these features.
    I call my suff the “UML Utilization Project” (or in short “UUP”), since it utilizes the UML and is an ongoing project.

    Atacms brings the features, I apply them to the tanks.

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      1. Well it’s Atacms’ UML (scripting/programming) in combination with my UUP (models).
        I personally don’t want people to ignore the fact that he is doing his part aswell.
        I’ve seen quite a few comments of people in the form of “This one guy does more than WG in years”.
        I’m doing the models, yes, but they wouldn’t work without Atacms’ mod.
        Setting up the models is rather easy, it’s just time consuming. But programming in python? No friggin clue how to do that, and there are only few as good as him to my knowledge.
        So the name should probably be something along the lines of “Atacms’ UML & TheFalkonett’s UUP (Tank Animations)”

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              1. Well I’m just some little 18 year old german twat. My thread’s OP is barely understandable (I’m reworking it), since it’s far from being simple in explanation. If I write an article about it, it’d probably end up being super “scientific” and difficult to understand.
                Anyhow: Talking about this is probably easier in a PM or something similar ratehr than here. I headed over to the TAP Discord.


  4. Awwwh yeah moving hitboxes! \o/

    Jokes aside some pretty nice work went into this mod, I expect we will see something like this when (if) 3D customisation and dual turrets are implemented.


  5. I like these tiny details. And I would like WG to go this way, even if it’s not the siege mechanic people mentioned already but just the aesthetics. Moving periscopes, machine guns, maybe even rotating cranks when moving a gun and turret in open top vehicles. That would be super cool.


    1. Because UML can easily change any tank into chieftain. Original purpose of UML is to use another model on your own tank without affecting anyone else’s model. The animation support is merely an added bonus.

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