A new tier 8 premium tank is coming out next week

WoT ASIA portal has posted an article about a new tournament that will take place in 22nd – 24th of January. In the article, one line caught my eye:

Plus, if you emerge top in this tournament, you could be one of the first in Asia to own a brand-new mystery Tier VIII Premium tank ahead of its official release next week (stay tuned to discover the identity of this tank)!

Could this mean that the currently CN exclusive ELC EVEN 90 finally makes an appearance in other servers? Or maybe could it be the Caernarvon Action X which community contributors got their rights to preview? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.


27 thoughts on “A new tier 8 premium tank is coming out next week

  1. Definitely the ELC EVEN. A lot of the Community Contributors have been seen driving them in the last couple days so they are obviously getting footage for previews.


  2. I hope the EVEN has gotten a buff since QB’s review, because he made it sound like it was nearly Graf Zeppelin-levels of bad.


    1. He played it like a regular tank. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that you put camo net and binos on it, then sit in a bush and go get a drink while you wait for someone to proxy spot you.


    1. Could also finally be the KV-4 KTTS, only been waiting 2 years for that thing.

      Those 2, the Caernarvon AX and Even 90 are all in the game files and the only 4 premiums that havent been sold yet. As far as I can see from just the in-game comparison tool


      1. KTTS? The TD they pulled as it was to broken to release it, and to weak if they nerfed the armor? I’ll be amazed if they did “balance” that finally. I would not count on it.


    2. I thought the 105 was… simply a buff to the current one. As it’s last buffs were 100% useless. Not a new separate tank. Tho Dez did not review it directly as such. He only had a look at it. As he does with any new premium found in the client that’s not released yet.

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  3. If WG was complaining the Mauerbrecher sold poorly, they’re gonna be very salty when they’ll see the sales for the ELC EVEN. The only saving grace of that thing is that it’s so small and cute.


  4. Well since we have not seen any stat changes or leaks on neither the ELC or the X in a while. It’s safe to assume it’s one of those two, and the ELC will be released with the worst 90mm stats of all.


  5. at this point I don’t give a fck…..I am disappointed in new year event…….worked my ass of collecting decorations (even bought couple of boxes-I got about my money worth from them nothing special nothing to complain about)….then I started breaking them and crafting tier 5s I was missing ANS HOLY SHIT HOW I GOT SCREWED BY IT…..even tho I hade enough shards to finished 2 sets I barely managed to finish one……AND WHEN I SAY BARELY I MEAN BARELY:i completed the set by taking all decorations from tree,house,yard and snowman and broke them and in hail marry attempt crafted the last one with 200 shards left in bank……..48% bonus during holydays was great but I am still dissapointed


  6. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t the EVEN, since they’ve been appearing in pubbies over the last few days. I have the 13 57 GF so won’t be going anywhere near it.


  7. Still waiting for the retards at WG to fix, aka buff a little, the FV201 that has a shittier gun handling than the TOG II.
    Hopefully it will be Caernarvon AX, missing a tier 8 british heavy in my collection.


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