TAP Insider News – 15th January 2018

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-The tier 10 following the T-10 will be the Obj. 777 II
-The tank following the Obj. 430 II will not have a fully traversable turret.
-Both tanks will come in 9.22.


34 thoughts on “TAP Insider News – 15th January 2018

    1. I was already expecting the Obj.777 II to become the tier 10 since it does seem to follow the same design principle, well armoured in the front, while not as armoured as past HTs, in a MBT like cofiguration, it fits the era where the started to give up on armour due to the new “OP” ammo, just like the T-10 or the western counterparts
      it will be the first soviet heavy that you really need to point the nose at your enemy the whole time


    2. Hello dead arishi I fo have an Idea for the tank after object 430 v2 I was looking up some tanks when inhappened to stumble upon a picture from getty images it looked like a t54 but with a rear mounted turret and it seemed to be called the K1-Krushavek (I cannot spell the last part though) but it was only a picture no stats no real info about it
      (Also object 777 doesn’t fit real well there as it has a middle mounted turret and the chassies is different and so is the profile a better choice should have been object 277 as it was very similar to T10 but was basically an upgraded version that was very similar but neverthless I will grudingly accept the object 777)>:-I


      1. #generalsorenswgproposals the Obj.777 II is “perfect” to follow the T-10 since it has a similar design philosophy, less than a HT and more of a MBT with decent frontal armour in the front at a good angle, while it lacks armour when compared to the typical soviet HT, and also has decent mobility
        regarding the Obj.277, do not forget that they also plan to split the IS-4 and ST-I, if so either the Obj.277 or the Obj.770 are good options to be the new tier 10 following the IS-4 in it’s return to tier 9 (rumored)


    1. Armor is really good on that Obj, don’t cry. Front plate angle is very sloped, turret armor is great, also it’s low profile, so camo rate as heavy tank will have decent too. The only problem I see is the gun which has the same stats as T10 now (reload, aim time, accuracy and soft stats if I remember correct), it should be inproved.


      1. Turret armor is great? It’s like 258-270 next to the gun not even a small area. Also it has a huge lower plate that’s like 200-230mm. A Defender has better armor than that thing…sadly. Soft stat on turret rotation is twice as bad. It’s just a bad tank whatsoever. Although tanks.gg could be outdated, the one they put in the game might have been changed, but if not it’s not really worth it, T-10 tier for tier is 100 times better.


  1. “Both tanks will come in 9.22.”

    So both in 9.22.0 or both in 9.22.x (some patch between 9.22.0 and 1.0.0)? That second dot is a little bit confusing (Could be end of sentence or separator for version number).


    1. While 9.22 will be on the february and the big 1.0 will be on the March, I don’t think so there will be in that 1month another update 9.22.x (fix patches doesn’t count, cause then it would be 9.22.0.x)

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      1. Mhhh true, didn’t think about the leaked time plan. But this only makes it more weird: why did they announced the tree without those tanks just a few days ago (and stating, that those tanks will come at a later point).
        But well, Its WG after all.


  2. “-The tier 10 following the T-10 will be the Obj. 777 II”

    This makes no sense. Why haven’t they announced it yet? The tank is in the client for ages now it’s not like they would have to do a lot of work with it. Also give me my Object 277!

    “-The tank following the Obj. 430 II will not have a fully traversable turret.”

    Now if they could make it so that the horizontal stabilization would work on tanks which have limited turret traverse as well it would be great. I can’t count how many times I have missed or bounced shots in my Obj. 430 II on the move or brawling when I had to use 3rd person view because I had to turn my tank and without the horizontal stabilization sniper view is pretty much unusable in those situations.

    “-Both tanks will come in 9.22.”

    This makes no sense either. The patchnotes suggest that the two new tanks are coming in upcoming patches after 9.22. Also why even mess around with the placeholder “coming soon” tanks in the tech tree when they could have used the ? tanks like in thepast if they wanted to implement them in 9.22?

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    1. I also agree that the Obj. 777 II make no sense after the T-10.
      The Obj. 277 or Obj. 770 were absolutely perfect, because logical (same concept as the T-10) and historical (prototypes present in Kubinka).

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      1. “Object 777 does not even exist”? Sure it was never built but blueprints and pictures of a 3d model exist, which is far more than for some other tanks in the game.


  3. So if I wanted to get to Obj. 430 but I still haven’t bought and researched Obj. 430 II, I will have to start again from T-44 because the original line will now lead to a completely useless limited traverse tank.
    A W E S O M E


  4. They’ll need to do a lot of work on the 777 to make it tier X viable. It barely fits tier 9 as it is. The gun is just worse than the T-10 and the armor is only decent on the flat upper plates.


  5. wow the object 777 is actually being released? dam that tank was leaked so long ago that i totally forgot about it… and its coming after one of my favorite tier 9 hts? this is gonna be a great patch 😀


  6. So, the obj 416 is irrlevant.
    Not full turret travers medium is the same crap as 416, wg sucks again here, bcz if one went to 430 ment to research it, now he need to go back to t44 and start all over.


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