WoT – Insider Info 14.01.2018

Source: Rykoszet Insider

Today, the sekrit insider pulled up some nice info. First, it’s the incomplete list of Polish tanks which was used by WG. This was the base for the line which they want to create, so some adjustments might and will happen. According to unofficial info, one line is planned, albeit with some sidebranches at tier 8 for medium and heavy tanks. The list contains tanks which WG had data of, or didn’t, but they knew existed.

Light tanks

  • PZInż 140 (other name: 4TP)
  • TKS z n.k.m. 20 A (tested)
  • 7T
  • 7TP
  • 9TP
  • 10TP

Medium tanks

  • 14TP
  • 25TP KSUST
  • 20/25TP P.Habich
  • 20/25TP P.Markowski
  • 20/25TP
  • 20/25TP B.B.T.Br.Panc (Premium tier IV tested)
  • T-34-85M2
  • T-34-85M3
  • T-44
  • T-54AE
  • T-55AM Prototype

Heavy tanks

  • JS-2M
  • JS-3M
  • C.C.P
  • Pancernik

Tank destroyers

  • TKS-D
  • PZLInż.160PZLInż.161


  • TKD

All of the tanks won’t be taken into account when making the initial branch, because WG will first test the best proposals.

In other news.

  • Italians will most likely be implemented this year, and if not, next year. The tree will most likely consist mostly of meds and TDs
  • There will be a lot of new prem tanks, such as the T42, planned as a VIII  tier USA tank


  • WG is working on a map called Kalinin
  • There will be new USSR prem tanks
  • The marketing department and the historical department have two different concepts of the game
  • There will be more prem tanks, more paid camos, and maybe even your own paid, custom emblems
  • The sekrit mechanic which will be introduced in 2018 with a new nation will be multi-guns wasn’t denied or confirmed.
  • New prem tanks sales figures weren’t leaked, but WG isn’t happy about the Mauerbrecher selling so bad
  • The WT E 100 (P) is considered as the main prize for the next personal mission season
  • WG has data on CN, JP, and IT arty
  • There’s a chance the JP and CZ trees will get TDs
  • The CN tree might receive the M4A4 ‘Tuji’ Sherman


  • There are plans to expand the existing tech trees and add Yugo, Israeli, or Swiss tanks. The EU tree was scrapped and now it’s the ‘worldwide’ tree, which will have tanks from countries like Austria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Finland, Hungary, India, Pakistan, Holland, Peru, and Romania