Holiday Ops results



18 thoughts on “Holiday Ops results

  1. I got rekt by that decorations creation device….for example:I needed a tier 5 ornament-out of 2 of them I had one and was missing the other one……so what does it do? IT CREATES THE ONE I HAVE 4 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!…..massive waste of shards……in spite of having gathered enough shards and random tier 5 drops to finish 2 collections…I barely managed to complete one: in a last ditch attempt by taking all ornaments of the tree, house, yard and snowman, breaking them and in last attempt getting the one ornament I was missing


      1. Same, I got the same level 5 crap 5 times in a row, then as I was about to give up, I got the missing one and completed the collection.
        My Type 5 is a big effin present box now. What’s inside? PAIN.


    1. Well some were clearly more rare than others.. So they have less chance to “drop” so to speak. I got what i needed after crafting the other one 4 times.


  2. @Sebastianul seb why did the article about the ke ni otsu HD model just vanish in front of my very eyes? I was about to click on it (I’m on my phone) and the page updated and niw it is gone


  3. After many missions and lost time, i missed only one of the two garlands of the modern Christmas collection. Result?
    For 6 times in a row i got the double garland and i could not complete the collection.
    In my opinion this thing is a fraud.
    We should also say how many of those who completed the collection have buy the packages for sale.
    Once again pay to win ……
    And another fail for WG (for me……)


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