WoT Supertest: “Japort” map changes

A new version of the map “Japort” is in the supertest.
Details from the developers:

Based on the results of past tests, we made changes that should make fights on it more dynamic, and orientation easier.


To do this, we revised the central part of the map (point 1) – in the new version the firefights on this part will take longer. In the northern part of the location (point 2) we reduced the height of the entrances to the “balconies”. Thanks to this, the travel time will be reduced, and fighting will become more active. In addition, we added the ability to shoot through the bases while moving on these “balconies”. And also processed the hills in the north (point 3), to make the battle more comfortable.

And we added a handrail along the waterfront to prevent the tanks falling into the water. It’s better to fight than to sink.
This is not the final version of the map: we will continue to work on it, and on the second prototype of the “Airport” map.




11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: “Japort” map changes

  1. “And we added a handrail along the waterfront to prevent the tanks falling into the water. It’s better to fight than to sink.”

    Bruh, best part about the old Port was pushing enemies into the water. If we won’t be able to do it on this map I will be very sad.

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    1. Maybe keep rail on some parts while leaving them open on some specific brawling spots, or at least make it harder to fall but still possible . Nobody likes the Erlenberg when a top tier drownes at the start at the game and ruined the game for everyone

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      1. Speak for yourself, I find it funny and love the randomness that happens in randoms, they are slowly removing all the fun stupid spots in each map and removed all that maps that weren’t a mirror image on each half.


        1. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that having a roflstomp match due to few stupid top tier HT drowning at the first minute is an important experience to you. I forgot that some people have some special definition of ‘fun’.

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          1. It’s just means you have to carry harder. You honestly think if a top tier heavy drowns himself at the beginning the match that he was going to contribute to the battle anyways. The game has been dull since anything that needed skill has been removed by the weak spot removal and the gold spam with corridors.

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            1. that’s a good point, but top tier heavies don’t need to be decent players to contribute… all they gotta do is drive forwards and the enemies will die at some point (especially when talking about japanese and german heavies)


  2. “And we added a handrail along the waterfront to prevent the tanks falling into the water” translation : ” the playerbase of a specific vehicle type that should not exist and is played by a bunch retarded whiny kiddos who only enjoy clicking on the others using a minimap view happen to be a bunch of twats who preffer to suicide rather by drowning or splashing themselves than being killed by the red team were using this spot to execute their acts of childish rage therefore we had to add a handrail”


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