Patch 9.22: Extra Information

A short post that provides more information on the replaced/removed vehicles:


28 thoughts on “Patch 9.22: Extra Information

    1. well, if we can trust WG, they said it will have the same stats as it curently has on tier X except that its gonna be tier 9, if that is true, ill rahter have that powerhouse on tier 9

      “We started with the transfer of Object 263 to a tier below, where he will be able to prove himself due to his damage per minute and reload time (in fact, it remained the same as tier X!).”


      1. If that is true and WG don’t stabby the players the 263 at tier 9 with the tier 10 stats will be a monster and I will be happy in the end.


      2. Uhm wouldnt that be OP as all hell?
        Like a decent player can already rape his opponent with ease in a 263… (As a lot of people already said the tier X isnt the problem, its tier 7/8/9 and looking at the new stats for 101, I actually feel its even worse than before…)


      3. Of course stats are not gonna be the same.
        I dont have the source now, but the DPM is gonna be around 2100…
        the pen, of course its not gonna be 290 as it is now,
        and other soft or hard stats decreased.
        The only thing that’s gonna be the same gonna be the hull and armor


        1. if we can trust WG its dpm will stay the same as its stated in this quote “We started with the transfer of Object 263 to a tier below, where he will be able to prove himself due to his damage per minute and reload time (in fact, it remained the same as tier X!).”


  1. So if you have both the 263 *AMD* the SU-122-54 in the garage, you will get the SU-122-54 vanish without getting credits for it? Nice


  2. if i purchase su122-54, i will get it in patch 9.22, right?
    because foch155, fv215b, fv 215b 183 had been changed premium tank 😐


    1. it same with Loraine 40T case , removed from tech tree, the added as tier 8 prem later with rebalanced stats . We already have WZ-120-1G FT , so Su-122-54 at tier 8 is not illogical


  3. So no keeping the 263 as a reward tank after litteraly raping it.

    And as we do not know yet what tank will be after the T-10 and Obj430-II, we do not know if it’s better to get the tier X or if we should rather let it go and keep xp for the new tank that will come afterwards. And we’ll be left with two tier IX’s that lead to nothing for at least one patch. This is a fucking retarded mistake.

    They could at least make them lead somewhere. The 430-II could lead to the new rear-mounted turret HT of tier X or at least IX. And the T-10 could still lead to the IS-7 as an optionnal grind just like the JagdPanther II still is in the game even though it has absolutely no point as a predecessor to the jagdtiger.


      1. Depends what you like.
        JP is more mobile and has a very slight dpm advantage. Ferdi has more armor.
        I personnaly prefer the ferdi play style by a lot, and the ferdi fits way better in the branch considering the slow armored tanks that are after. If JP2 can stay as a “less armor more mobile” option, why not the T-10 :/


        1. Ferdi’s armor is nothing when everyone and their dog spams gold ammo and when new premium tanks are OP as fuck. I’d go for JP2 anytime. Today, both tanks have no armor and same gun but JP2 is faster at least.


      2. I went ferdi first and love that tank, it still bounces many shots and it’s gun punishes enemies, I use it’s crew in my skorpion . I don’t mind playing against tier X in my Ferdinand.


  4. didn’t anyone wonder why there is all this mentioning of the IS-7 in the T-10 picture? It makes no sense, unless there is something we don’t know that is linked to the IS-7 and they gave it away here. Could also be copy/paste errors, but what if the IS-7 will replace the T-10 and the T-10 will be removed from the techtree, but you get to keep it if you have it. Then the text would sort of make sense, doesn’t it?


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