Supertest – T-44 Changes #2

Details of what might happen to the T-44 soon-ish.

  • Engine horsepower changed from 680 to 820
  • Max. reverse speed increased from 20 km/h to 23 km/h
  • Hull move bloom reduced from 0.173 to 0.134
  • Hull turn bloom reduced from 0.173 to 0.134
  • Hull move bloom at max. speed reduced from 8.8 to 6.85
  • Hull turn bloom at max. speed reduced from 7.59 to 5.91

Gun changes:

  • DPM increased from 2085 to 2234
  • Reload speed decreased from 7.192s to 6.712s
  • RPM increased from 8.343 to 8.939

36 thoughts on “Supertest – T-44 Changes #2

      1. Web can’t trust Milos in anything he says. That TVP thing was a joke, and the “Obj 263 swap cancelled” is just a joke going too far. Meanwhile, I would like to see those buffs applied to the t-34-2 too. It could be an awesome tank.


    1. Well yea, but if the T-44 has more pen, players will spend less credits on apcr ammo. WG wants you to either buy credit packages, premium time or a premium tank, so they buff anything except the pen. This way the player has to choose between grinding hours on making credits later, or buy something in the premium shop.

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  1. Well seems like we get a mini 140 at tier 8, those changes look pretty good tho.
    In my opinion it already was one of the stronger tier 8 tanks, but i will not complain about those upcoming buffs, because its one of my alltime favorite tanks ^^


    1. So things do get better after the first 100mm? I just bought it, and free XPd to that 100mm and holy mother of god is it awfull, like in first 5 battles I averaged 800 dmg…


        1. Dont add anything useless like that please, I have almost 55% WR, and I only rarely platoon, so I know very well what I am doing. But if you look the gun up you can see that it has almost 3 secs of aim time and poor accuracy, so you end up relying on RNG, or overexposing yourself. Like im not saying the tank is bad, but that gun definitely sucks…


    1. Likely yes since they are identical in the end. Until now all the changes made to T-44 were also added to T-44-100. And I doubt they will leave the T-44-100 untouched:
      -if the T-44 needs it then the 44-100 needs it too since they’re the same tank
      -T-44-100 is a soviet premium with full mm, they will buff it and then sell it :^)


  2. Balancing a pretty well balanced tank to a very good tank and now they want to buff it to OP because PLEBS IN RUSSIA CANT PLAY PROPERLY!!!


  3. The T44 would be completely fine as it is now ~ if it did not see T10’s in T10 MM

    Its the Op Tier 9’s with 50% more DPM way more armour with better pen, and then .. very OP Tier 10’s that screw over T8’s as it is now with the MM

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  4. Just give 152mm with 0.33 dispersion and 6s reload to all russian tanks, instant win.

    Turning a deaf ear to the needs to balance other nations and buff soviet tanks all the way. Yes, this is balanced.


  5. Ok, and now please buff all other Tier 8 mediums since they are all crap. Tier 8 heavies have currently around same DPM than mediums even though they pack way more alpha and penetration. Why aren’t tier 8 mediums following same principle as tier 9 and 10: Better DPM and penetration and gun handling than heavies. Tier 8 mediums have: low dpm, low penetration, low alpha in combination with poor gun handling and mediocre mobility.

    Wouldn’t it be the time already to end tier 8 being the heavy tank tier?


  6. Sure. Buff T-44 and after that buff all other tier 8 mediums to be on par with it. Finally heavies would have to fear other stuff at tier 8.

    But they need to buff other meds, as T-44 is already one of the best.


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