WoWS: „Welcome back” gift

Thanks to IcedBroom:

„So I got this email yesterday and well, needless to say I was shocked. Look at what they are giving away 😊 (Giulio Cesare + De Grasse). I wasn’t the only one from what I found out that got this email. We have to wait 24 hours to get it and they are taking away our premium time. ”


9 thoughts on “WoWS: „Welcome back” gift

  1. I have nothing against gifts for coming back. But it’s really generous toward players who did not contribute to the game, while those who do play actively have to farm marathons and stuff to get rewards. Especially a Cesare, which is a great ship.
    Maybe I should uninstall for a few monthes :p


  2. I’m not one to knock free stuff but this happens a DAY after I spent doubloons on the Giulio Cesare to take advantage of the discount!!! Sure, I got the credit equivalent for the Cesare and a slot but I would prefer to have those doubloons back so I could purchase another premium ship.


  3. So active on players get an Albany, a ship that no one wants, but inactive players get this and the albany, this is absolutely fair.

    Thanks Wargaming for your incredible generosity towards your active players, we appreciate you giving us less stuff for being an active part of the game,

    The active players of world of warships.

    No sarcasm in this reply


  4. got absolutely nothing……started playing wows again about a week ago…..when the Duke of York campaign started….and I haven’t played for about 6 months before… hey its all cool,I wont buy any holyday boxes and we’ll call it even


  5. Didn’t expect any better from WG. It’s the usual upside down Russian logic, give all the good stuff to those who don’t even give a fuck and nothing to those who play and pay.

    Next year they’re going to take it one step further, they’re going to disable the game for those who play daily and unlock everything for those who haven’t played for months…


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