WoT ASIA: Loot Boxes Controversy & WG Compensation

Thanks to DeadArashi for forwarding the issue to me.


There’s been a bit of outrage on the Asia server because players that have purchased the Holiday Ops loot boxes have found out that the crates don’t provide decorations like the other servers despite being packaged as Traditional, Modern, CNY and Soviet like on the other servers.

No notice was given in the premium store from it and the only mention was in a post on the website when the event started, no forewarning given.

Some people have even reported crates giving absolutely nothing in their crates.

I thought that a PSA could be given earlier to advice people wanting to get the boxes for decorations to hold off for now.

Tan has issued a statement: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/77886-holiday-ops-xmas-gift-boxes-decorations/#topmost

Update: 23 December

– Compensation has been confirmed at 1,160 shards per box, enough for a random decoration of any festive theme (950 shards)
– They haven’t stated what the increased drop rates will be in comparison to what they currently are
– There’s no ETA on when compensation will arrive
– Compensation will only be given to players who purchased the boxes before 23 Dec @ 00.01 SGT UTC+8 (it’s now 23rd Dec 11:00 UTC+8 as of typing this)
– Purchasing a box from this point on will not result in shards compensated.

The concerning thing is that they haven’t added a notice in the premium shop to warn that boxes don’t grant decorations. And the price has remained the same as well. Players can still go in and purchase the boxes thinking that they will get decorations and be met with nothing and no way to get compensation.

I would have thought that a warning and price drop would have been put in place to reflect the missing decorations at the least, or 950-1,160 shards added to the boxes so that players can still get a random lvl 5 decoration of the theme of their choosing.

Update: 1am SGT 24th December – forum thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/77886-holiday-ops-xmas-gift-boxes-decorations/#topmost

„Lists for crediting of compensation shards for purchases completed successful on 22nd December SGT….

Were obtained a couple of hours ago.. They have now been processed to credit at a rate of 1160 shards per box purchased.

With the following rules.

1. Players who gifted, and the gifts were successfully accepted, the receiver of the gift will obtain the 1160 shards / per box.

2. Players who gifted, and the gifts were not successfully accepted, the Sender of the gift will obtain the 1160 shards / per box.

3. Players who purchased for themselves, will receive the 1160 shards / per box.

The crediting will occur when the server has the load capacity to do the processing.

IE it will not process all now and create lag on the server.. and instead it will trickle feed the crediting when the server has the load spare to do the crediting.

So you should see some credited now in batches, and a continuance of crediting throughout the night, and all should be credited overnight.

Sorry for the delay in obtaining the purchases lists, over this festive period..

Enjoy your Xmas day..”