WoT 2018 Preview – Part 2

Source: WoT Portal

Update 9.22: Soviet Tech Tree Revision

Before this massive experience uplift, we’ll be treating you to a new line of Soviet heavies, while also revising the nation’s TDs and medium tanks.

TDs with rear-mounted turrets

Following your feedback from Supertests, the SU-100 line is getting reshaped into assault TDs. Mobile and bouncy, they’re destined for mid-to-close combat. It’s where they can angle to deflect shells and leverage maneuverability to perform quick assaults, dismantling enemies with high-DPM guns.

Although we’re still working out the final setup, you can expect several big comebacks and a major reshuffle at Tiers IX–X:

  • The SU-122-54 gets removed. This famed TD with its traditional turret placement felt like an upsetting step away from the line’s underlying concept. Not to mention its brittle armor and low HP pool that often prevented it from fighting on par with its Tier IX peers.
  • The SU-101M1 and SU-101 return to Tiers VII and VIII, respectively.
  • The Object 268 Variant 4 will replace the Object 263 at Tier X, while the latter will move to Tier IX. This combination performed well during Supertests, and we’d like test it once again with you.

The upcoming revision will form three MT lines, each built around a certain gameplay style.

  • A new mini-line researchable from the T-44: The Object 430 will move down to Tier IX, making room for the Object 430U (Tier X) and forming a new mini-line of well-armored assault MTs with high alpha.

  • MTs with rear-mounted turrets: The Object 416 stays at Tier VIII, followed by the Object 430 Variant II at Tier IX and an all-new Tier X MT with tough turret armor and gameplay that feels like a natural progression up the A-44 line. It will be added after 9.22.
    Initially, we were planning to remove the Object 416 and build a line from two MTs with rear-mounted followed by another two with traditional turret placement. However, Supertest results and your feedback pushed us to come up with an alternative setup: the A-44 → Object 416 → Object 430 Variant II → New Tier X.
  • Assault MTs down the T-44 line (Т-44, Т-54, Т-62А, Object 140) remain unchanged.
Heavy Tanks

Update 9.22 will add two alternative HT mini-lines.

  • Three new HTs with rear-mounted turrets will make their debut at Tiers VIII–X: the IS-2Sh → Object 705 → Object 705A. Researchable from the KV-13, this bunch take after the IS-7 in the speed and armor departments and offer original gameplay that feels like a blend between the Kpw. VII and the IS-7.

  • The relatively lightly armored T-10 didn’t really fit well between the durable IS-3 and IS-7, which didn’t stop it from gathering quite an army of fans. Powered by your feedback, it stays at Tier IX and gets its own mini-line headed by yet another newcomer that will be added after 9.22.
This is not a final setup, but rather iterative changes that will continue to be made based on your feedback from Supertests and Common Tests.

Premium Vehicles With Preferential Matchmaking

We’re also looking into Premium tanks with preferential matchmaking. They often fail to compete on par against their researchable peers that underwent significant improvements. Standalone tweaks won’t solve the problem. That’s why we’re working on a complex solution to revitalize them without disturbing the game balance. We’ll discuss it in more detail when we have something solid to show you. It will take us more than a few months, but we all agree that a problem like that should be addressed without rushing.

On the Horizon

New Modes

We showed you three new modes this year, but only one of them, Grand Battles, was released. Ranked Battles and Frontline will follow suit next year. And while it’s too soon to talk details about Frontline, we can brief you on the next Ranked Battles Season.

To ensure the launch Season promotes healthy competition, we’ll tweak some of the format’s key mechanics:

  • Chevron-earning: We’ll move from only rewarding chevrons to players on the winning team to rewarding them to the top performers of both teams. Tankers on the winning team will get more chevrons, of course.
  • Rank system: The system stays the same as in the 2nd Beta, but we’ll increase the number of ranks to smooth the progression curve.
  • Defending your rank: This new mechanic is designed to ensure your ranks don’t “burn” upon a few unsuccessful battles. Instead, you’ll be able to prove you still deserve the ranks you’re holding by defending certain ranks in battle.
  • Duration: There’ll be fewer stages than in the 2nd Beta, and they’ll be longer. Players won’t need to play through the night to level up over a weeklong stage. We want players to focus on putting on a great performance rather than playing the required number of battles.

New Nations

It’s been a year since we last treated you to a new nation, but we’re determined to fix it in 2018 by expanding the roster with Tech Trees from two European countries. There’ll be a time and place for a first reveal, but we left you a few clues in the 2018 preview video. Check it out and share your ideas on the forum.

New Ways to Earn (and Spend) Bonds

We’re staying true to our promise to add more ways to get and spend Bonds. Right now, you receive them with every Epic Medal and Battle Hero achievements earned in Tier IV-X vehicles, in Tier X Random Battles and Grand Battles. Engaging in the ongoing campaign on the Global Map also lets you earn Bonds and exchange them for tanks. And we don’t plan to stop here—we’re considering making customization items and vehicles available with Bonds and plan to add even more ways to acquire this new currency in 2018.

Next Phase of Customization

Update 9.21 laid the groundwork for a more sophisticated customization system, and evolving it is high on our priority list for 2018. Here, we’ll focus on three things: adding new styles, bringing new mechanics to tiers VI–IX, and developing 3D customization items.


There is a salvo of activities on the way to crank up the tank action to the max next year! From atmospheric quests like Leviathan’s Invasion to marathons with a wider list of rewards, including Bonds, customization items, and of course tanks. We won’t pass on the chance to revive the football mode next summer, either. So get ready to polish those boots and throw on your kit!

Stay tuned for more details, and on behalf of the whole World of Tanks team, thank you so much for all of your time and feedback on the game!


28 thoughts on “WoT 2018 Preview – Part 2

  1. Yeah, great, take half an year to figure limited MM tanks out, an year after they screwed them up royally even more than before. And what are we expected to do with them by then, play them in complete conscience that WG recognizes they’re crap? Sometimes WG really piss me off with their comments.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sweet as. 4 Tier 10 Russian Heavies and 4 Tier 10 Russian Mediums in the tech tree, and WG still won’t give us the Chieftain Mk 6.


  3. Oh dear the first shitstorm wasnt big enough huh?
    As many people said: leave it alone Wg.
    We dont want your object 268 v4.
    We want the Object 263 on tier 10 as it is now.

    Well and i dont really like this hole ranked system. Its just a huge credit-sinkhole with all that shitload of premium consumables and premiumammo. But its the only way to effectivly getting bonds and therefore the better equipment. Those bonds for medals/blabla is just a placebo for the mass.
    So for me nothing change here and i ll not play it anytime soon in future, just not worth my time and nervs.


  4. I thought they said the 263 line was going to be left alone. What the hell is this sadistic horseshit?
    The 263 is unique and interesting. The 268v4 is generic and boring. Heavy armor is obnoxious, it just slows the game down and forces code 22 spam. Simple buffs to the existing line would have made it more playable, there was never any need for this rework. And even if this rework hypothetically did have some merit to it, would it be worth the drawbacks? Arguably not. Tech tree line consistency (aesthetic or otherwise) is a pointless goal to pursue.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. why do they remove obj 430 from tX and dont offer any kind of compensation? i dont give a shit about high alpha meds when i have the best dpm with 320 alpha… even if the tank is shit i dont understand why people can keep their 215b and get a new op s.conq and we cant do the same with that

    Oh and yeah 263 change is retarded averyone loves this tank its quite balanced actually.. a rare thing in wg


  6. TDs: Is WG mentally ill?

    MTs: Sounds okayish I guess, excited for the rear turreted Tier X.

    HTs: after the A-44 because rear, okay. After the IS because IS, okay. After the KV-3 because Armor, okay. After the KV-13, because why? What is wrong with These people?


      1. WG: We are changing something.
        Customers: We don’t want that.
        WG: We don’t change it.
        Customers: Thank you.
        WG: We are changing it.

        How would you describe that? Maybe “mentally ill” is a bit exaggerated, but that’s how internet works, so welcome here.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. TD: WG being on a new level of stupid here, nothing more to say.

    MT: Seems good, players get to keep the Obj 416, it was pretty stupid trying to remove a tank that was built to fit in a blueprint so I welcome this.

    HT: Can’t say I like the idea of the new HT line building off the KV-13. The IS-M was a modernization of the IS, personally I would suggest this: https://i.imgur.com/tpEgpXJ.png

    You get a good line that’s well balanced while still making the KV-13 relevant and not making the IS-7 grind lead to 3 different tier 10 so easily


    1. yeh i dont mind this, but the idea that a hole heavey line starts with KV-13 is just wrong when you have so many other heave lines at the same tire.


      1. I just realized why they chose the KV-13… Because they plan to make a line of rear turreted MT lines which you can get from the KV-13…

        and you will also be able to get a line of rear turreted HTs with the 705A line


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