WG Fest Info #5

Translated by halmyradov

– Frontline will come back in 2018
– There will be 2 new fan-modes in 2018, 1 for football championship and 1 for Halloween
– in 2018 there will be 2 European nations added, 2nd nation will have a completely new mechanic (Seb: they are known: Italy and Poland)
– Currently we are working on 3D customization, but it is too early to say anything. Example can be seen here

HD maps to be released in March 2018:

Abbey Steppes Siegfried Line Tundra
Paris Sand river Arctic Region Fjords
Mines Himmelsdorf El Halluf Overlord
Cliff Lakeville Airfield Serene Coast
Murovanka Ruinberg Mountain Pass Erlenberg
Malinovka Ensk Karelia Westfield
Prokhorovka Live Oaks Redshire Firsherman’s bay