WG Fest Info #4

Translated by halmyradov

Tornado Energy team beats DING and become champions of 2017 (7:2)
– Changes to Soviet tech tree in patch 9.22
– OBJ 257 will replace T-10 in the line leading to IS-7
– T-10 will remain as tier 9 and lead to another tier 10 (no information what tier 10 tank)
– new OBJ 705A line will branch off from KV-13 (no other tanks will lead to IS-M) people are already not happy about it
– obj 430 line… don’t even know what’s going on there, I think they haven’t made up their mind yet

Ranked Battles photos from the event

  • New season will begin in the first half of 2018
  • They have listened to the players and made changes
  • There are now a shit-ton of ranks (15 to be precise)
  • Chevron system has been reworked,
    Winning team: top 3 get 2 chevrons, following 7 get 1 chevron, 5 on the bottom don’t get anything.
    Losing team: Top 1 get 1 chevron, next 4 don’t get anything, bottom 10 lose a chevron.

– In 2018 they will actively develop bonds. Expect events, personal missions and they are even considering offering special/reward tanks for bonds (not clear if they mean foch 155, deathstar or 907/m60 etc)
– Stun is for forever
– There will be no possibility to rent your tank to a clanmate
– You can expect some new mechanics for tanks in the next year
– IS-7 – rammer (auto-loader with 3 shells) and new mechanics for tier 10s (like siege mode) – we are looking into and experimenting. Such mechanics are very difficult, because we need to try and make it historically accurate.
– E25 is truly overpowered
– Linux – there are very few people using it. We are not even considering of doing it
– t-22, nothing is planned. it was our mistake and will remain for collection only