WG Fest Info #4

Translated by halmyradov

Tornado Energy team beats DING and become champions of 2017 (7:2)
– Changes to Soviet tech tree in patch 9.22
– OBJ 257 will replace T-10 in the line leading to IS-7
– T-10 will remain as tier 9 and lead to another tier 10 (no information what tier 10 tank)
– new OBJ 705A line will branch off from KV-13 (no other tanks will lead to IS-M) people are already not happy about it
– obj 430 line… don’t even know what’s going on there, I think they haven’t made up their mind yet

Ranked Battles photos from the event

  • New season will begin in the first half of 2018
  • They have listened to the players and made changes
  • There are now a shit-ton of ranks (15 to be precise)
  • Chevron system has been reworked,
    Winning team: top 3 get 2 chevrons, following 7 get 1 chevron, 5 on the bottom don’t get anything.
    Losing team: Top 1 get 1 chevron, next 4 don’t get anything, bottom 10 lose a chevron.

– In 2018 they will actively develop bonds. Expect events, personal missions and they are even considering offering special/reward tanks for bonds (not clear if they mean foch 155, deathstar or 907/m60 etc)
– Stun is for forever
– There will be no possibility to rent your tank to a clanmate
– You can expect some new mechanics for tanks in the next year
– IS-7 – rammer (auto-loader with 3 shells) and new mechanics for tier 10s (like siege mode) – we are looking into and experimenting. Such mechanics are very difficult, because we need to try and make it historically accurate.
– E25 is truly overpowered
– Linux – there are very few people using it. We are not even considering of doing it
– t-22, nothing is planned. it was our mistake and will remain for collection only


16 thoughts on “WG Fest Info #4

  1. So the IS-M will build off the KV-13 and not the IS… I’m sorry… where’s the logic there? The IS-M was designed as a modernization of the IS, why wouldn’t it build off the IS?

    I had a mate holding off unlocking the IS-3 because we both thought that the new line would logically build off the IS…


    1. – E25 is truly overpowered

      It’s all well and good to admit it, but everyone already knew this. If they said they will start nerfing premiums then we would have something to discuss, otherwise this is just stating the obvious


    2. Firstly KV-13 does not lead to any tier 8 so it makes sense. And also we should not forget that KV-13 was an IS prototype, so again it kinda makes sense.


  2. YES MY KV-13 wont go to waste finnaly ! I see why they did that, it’s simply because this tank is “useless” right now. But it’s a good tank.


  3. – IS-7 – rammer (auto-loader with 3 shells)

    ?!?! Autoloading IS-7? Finally an autoloader for the Russians and something different


      1. yes and no IS-7 has a semi auto loader a human still has to crank the rounds and propellant into place but after that is ramed into the gun my mechanical means should watch the chieftans videos on the IS-7 very informative


  4. – They have listened to the players and made changes
    Yeah, sure. I’ve heard that many times before and I’m not going to get my hopes high this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if players will still get a garage slot instead of 300 gold, because WG “listens”…


  5. IS7 autoloader: 1.5 seconds between bullets, 490 alpha dmg, 3 shots, 25 second clip reload, 0,26 accuracy, better gun handling than fv215b, and buff the speed to 65km/h pls 😛
    wait i shouldn’t joke about such things because WG is actually retarded enough to think this is a good plan


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