WG Fest Info #3

Translation by halmyradov

Sets that included a code for 1 month rental Defender(252U) were sold out after 2 hrs. This code also give you an option of buying the tank with in-game gold after the rental period is over cost of the set is ~51 USD and includes a cup, mouse mat and etc.
– We are working on Personal Missions 2.0, one of the most important things in 2018. Previous missions will remain
– Polish tanks will be released in 2018
– Once we are done with HD maps, we can experiment with bigger maps for 15×15 battles, but the main problem that we can predict – games of hide & seek.
– in 2018 there will be 5 new maps
– return of old maps, is possible, but we have to turn existing ones to HD first.
– KV-5 will be experimented on during the first quarter of next year
– Currently we are working on a loyal scheme of returning sold premium tanks. Because it can be done simpler so the customer support isn’t flooded with messages