WG Fest Info #2

Translated by halmyradov

– Next December it will be 10 years since we had the idea of WoT. We plan to give something special to old players and beta/alpha testers, and this will not be a garage slot.
– We are working on a new system for crews. We want to get rid of 50% crews
– Do not wait for multi-turreted tanks next year. Feature is interesting and cool but very difficult.
WoT 1.0 Official Trailer


5 thoughts on “WG Fest Info #2

  1. We want to give them something special… hmm special camo ? Or wait hmmmm special emblem ? XD Just trolling. I like that idea so far ^^

    And getting rid of those 50% crew is a good step in the right direction. It will make the game more enjoyable for newer players.


  2. Ye. Thanks for ruining our old players special tank m6a2e1 and giving them useless unhistorical skins. Thats how much wg appreciates old supporters of game!


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