59-PATTON – 27.40 € – Advent Calendar Day 22

ADVENT CALENDAR 2018 (19)Looking for a decent credit-maker and a training platform for your Chinese medium tank crews? Then the 59-Patton is the perfect vehicle for the job. Get this unique hybrid supporter together with a garage slot, and roll out to victory!



9 thoughts on “59-PATTON – 27.40 € – Advent Calendar Day 22

  1. It is a quite good allrounder compared to the other tier 8 medium tanks. The problem is that all tier 8 mediums are underwhelming. The gap in alpha and dpm between tier 8 and 9 is simply to big.

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  2. It seens like a decent tank, statswise, but i will not buy it with that huge weakspot on top. This is something that killed the T110E5 for me (after the cupola nerf) and this thing is an even bigger weakspot and has no armor, not even some trollish parts like the T110E5 s Cupola. So no, i really do not like tanks with huge shoot-me-here-garage-size-weakspots on top of the turret.

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