WoT Bonus Code (Gives a Decoration Crate)

Works on EU/NA/ASIA.



18 thoughts on “WoT Bonus Code (Gives a Decoration Crate)

      1. Use bonus code “XmasBonus17” for 2 xp boosters and 2 free xp boosters! Works for Asia, Australia and New Zealand, not sure about other regions.

        EDIT Doesn’t work on EU, thanks u/TabloMaxos

        EDIT Doesn’t work on NA either, thanks guys for the update.

        Use “ANZHOLIDAYOPS” to create a new account to get some premium time and a free AC-1 Sentinel!


    1. well the thing is if you only have the “block more dmg than ur hp” left, and u dont feel like playing heavies, it’s actually way easier to do this πŸ™‚


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