8,8 JAGDTIGER – 36.77 € – Advent Calendar Day 18


The 8,8 version of the Jagdtiger is considered one of the most enjoyable Premium Tanks to drive in its tier, thanks to its combination of sturdy armour and a great rate of fire. If played properly, this German colossus can deliver consistent amounts of damage and earn great amounts of credits. Get it together with a garage slot now!


35 thoughts on “8,8 JAGDTIGER – 36.77 € – Advent Calendar Day 18

  1. It is not too bad. The armour is great. Unfortunately it is too slow and the pen is not great. Besides, who wants to buy this when you can have the Scorpion instead?

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    1. for crying it is. so sad. it seems like they don’t want to earn money deliberately, like they are sabotage themselves with shit offers… crap crap crap all along day by day… last year they where trying to sell B crap tanks but this year not even that. in this advent calendar didn’t buy anything…

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  2. Hey Guys
    Any1 got any bonus codes 4 gold, to help me prove my friend that this game isn’t entirely shite???
    I could do with some right now!


  3. I still take my JT88 out frequently. The gun will handily dispatch pretty much anything that isn’t a superheavy like the Japanese heavies or the new Maus predecessors if you’re not a scrub and actually know weakspots, and the armor definitely holds up since it’s the same as the Tier IX JT. Mobility is decent too for its bulk. Good assault TD for advancing against enemy fire and DPM-ing them to death at mid to close range.

    Don’t mistake this for an urge to go out and buy one, I’m not feeling particularly supportive of Wargaming after yesterday’s stunt with the M6A2E1 (never sold again my ass). But I’m seeing a lot of folks badmouthing the JT88 when it’s a very solid performer in competent hands.


    1. I mean, it’s not awful. Though I had a good chuckle at the bit about good armor. At tier 8 it’s okayish, but you’ll still see plenty that will go right through just by looking at you funny.


    2. I wouldnt call telling facts, “badmouthing”.
      It is slow,cant addapt to the situation on the battlefield,plenty of situations where enemy wont come your way,or they simply flank you,rush you,or ignore you and go other flank.
      Armor is useless,everybody and their mother (including 250-260 Heat-spamming tier 8s),will pen you with nowdays HEAT spamm meta.
      Gun used to be really good 2-3 years ago,when 200-212 pen on tier 8s was enough,good luck nowdays facing Defenders,Libertes,Chryslers,OHOs,VK-100s etc etc with that pen( not even mentioning tier 9s-you get my point).


    3. seriously man you really believe what you re saing?
      have you ever seen anything bouncing a jt tier 9 if not sitting behind a rock as big as a house to hide all without the superstructure?
      This tank strenght comes from its hitpoints and its high dpm and high pen gun
      The jt 88 has neither one nor the other so I really wanne see you trying a breaktrough with an 8.8 as long as you re not in a tier 6 only battle

      Even the jt IX is only mediocre but the 8.8 is just shit if you dont believe that check its stats winrate like 47.3 % and thats ranked 86 out of 96 tier 8 tanks


  4. >The 8,8 version of the Jagdtiger is considered one of the most enjoyable Premium Tanks to drive in its tier

    Considering all the armor buffs and weakspot removal that has happened, plus the MM disaster, I wonder if 203 AP pen is still enough.

    That, and so many players being gold ammo dependant and making all the armor dead weight.


  5. they should drop it to tier 7 without changing anything
    or at least change the frontal armor to 220 effective at upper and lower AND give it a decent gun like this from the Ferdinand

    compare that thing to a standard tier 8 td in the game
    (welcome the new buffed T 28 or the invisible and hard hitting charioteers) not to mention the scorpions or strv1 (this thing should have isu gun to become equal to these)

    its shit compared to all of them and in the actual meta it should be far stronger than usual standard tank
    their description is just a lie and they know it this thing was weak as I took it when I started playing maybe like 5 years ago and now we got several accuracy nerfs ( so good luck aiming weak spots) we got several new ultra mobile scouts good luck trying to rely on support and not get circled and we got super premiums with ultra high pen like defender patriots and great armor
    so how could this thing be ENJOYABLE??? it already was bad 5 years ago

    how can this thing be a breakthrough vehicle btw if it get penned easily by anything it will meet?
    with 5 k hitpoints maybe
    Even without gold it could at max bounce lower tier shoots and since everybody on tier 8 plays a premium tank (I guess actually like 60-80 % on tier 8) you will just die in seconds trying this


  6. Everyone seems to be forgetting something here … its important

    The Premium T8 Scorpion TD it see’s Tier 10’s all day everyday it fights at Tier 10.

    The Premium T8 8,8 JAGDTIGER has Preferential MM
    it only see’s Tier 9 tanks
    this is its one big huge advantage
    don’t understate the advantage its big, remember at worst only being ever Middle Tier
    it can never be Bottom Tier

    just saying ……


    1. doesn’t help him evem MM… I have no problems with Scorpion in tier 10. It has speed and good gun… if needed just load some premium ammo and let gun sing his song…


  7. of course it has that just doesnt mean anything it still isnt competetive as you see in its stats
    The 47 % includes the preferetial mm

    It has tiger 1 gun without the turret and with less mobility and hitpoints so its at best tier 7
    btw if you drop it tiger 2 also is a piece of crap


  8. the point that triggers me most here is that wargaming call this thing “enjoyable” it would be boring even if you would be able to deal damage and to bounce most shells because there is so much a mobile tank like T 34 3 or an su 122 44 could do over this to have fun with that this tank could never do so this word sounds like sarcasm to me


  9. Outclassed…..Just that

    Had this TD for years since it fisrt appeared It was good then with pref MM and such Then the things got worse from 2015 New premiums arrived which made the others junk I left WoT for WoWs around late 2016 and never thought of coming back
    Today i decided to give a try for the offers and free tank Tried to play with my loved jagd88 Tier 8 match and on the other team was a Skorpion G I did my hulldown and went farming some heavies Then the OP premium came He fired at my casemate without gold twice Results were as follows
    From 1300 HP i found myself at 600 And without a clue of where he was He fired again and it bounced and then he got spotted at 200m of me Legit Lucky for me, a friendly light came from behind him and i could finish him off with my DPM We won the match and i was really angry Went to see the stats of the Skorpion He was a 48% guy with terrible….everything
    I think im gonna leave WoT again

    Dont buy this TD Pick a russian 122 44 Orión something like that Or the skorpion if you can This is outclassed


  10. would make its name obsolete then
    But 3 k dpm 1500 hp (jagdtiger got hp buffed not so long ago but not this tank)
    And gundepression of -10 ( -10 is almost standard already) would help a little


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