M6A2E1 MUTANT – 49.99 € – Advent Calendar Day 17


With this day’s Advent offer, you’ll treat yourself with the M6A2E1, plus a huge load of gold and missions that boost your XP income significantly. Important: the missions in this package can only be completed on the M6A2E1 after the First Victory of the Day bonus is used up, and will expire on 1 April 2018.

Again we’re getting a bundle, no option to buy just the tank. BTW this is a unique tank that will NEVER be sold again 🙂


39 thoughts on “M6A2E1 MUTANT – 49.99 € – Advent Calendar Day 17

    1. really, this again? complaining about letting others purchase the Mutant when they never should have removed the pre-order packs from the store in the first place, and yet where were you guys whe the Pz.IV Hydro, Pz.IIJ. BT-SV, etc… became available in the EU and NA servers? those were originally for the RU servers only, so where were you guys? I did not see anyone whine about it back then, what’s the difference? none, buying it in 2011 has the same meaning as buying it in 2021, the only thing special about it is because it was directly to help develop the game, but guess what, THE GAME STILL NEEDS DEVELOPMENT and thus everyone has the right to buy a Mutant, if for the same price you guys paid back then, to support the game

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    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did sell these … and then nerf them. Compensation for nerf? Oh, here, take this one piece of unhistorical camouflage.


    2. I hope you get that tank someday.
      killswitch95, thank you for naming the 3rd preorder tank 🙂
      I did not remember the name of the A-34.

      I wonder, should I cry as the Mutant preorders if the Pz V/IV is sold?
      No I will NOT.
      I have only played that tank PRE buff 🙂

      Half Evil mode on:
      Dang there’s a lot of crybabies, that are butthurt about the Mutant being sold.
      Have these people had extreme Helicopter Parents / Hong Kong Kids phenomenon?
      That have given their childs everything they barely look at?
      Surely looks like that, when reading these Mutant posts.

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  1. and why is everyone surprised by this??? its not like they have never pull shit like this before……and all those guys that preordered this tank back in a day will get “special” emblem and maybe some kind of “special” camouflage……so everything is OK


    1. Special emblem is so small I barely can see it in the garage zoomed in. And WG gave only 2 of this emblem and Mutant inscription only so I cant put them on all camo seasons just on one, or two if you decide to put 1 inscription from 2 slot.

      Feels rushed…


    1. Actualy yes. Nothing can pen your front and you are so tall that nobody can hit your weak spot cupola. Great tank for corridors. Your sides though, they are weak as butter, you get flanjed, you die…

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      1. it only relies of the angle of the hull. also the gun is kinda weak but workanle, it is slow and the turret can be penned in the sides. its ok because it has pref mm.

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    2. If you can wait 3-6 months to play with it so all the quickybaby fangirils forget the weakspots then it’s alright as long as you don’t come up against someone competent, but be prepared to fire some gold in it.


    3. No its not. Just watch its stats at tanks.gg and you ll understand why. Your reload time is 10.2 sec… with rammer and bia. 320 alpha and 198 pen. Stock Dpm = 1684 . Remember the T32 with the same gun and just a 100% crew reloads faster than this behemoth. Armorwise your Mantlet is strong, exepct a pretty large area left and right of the gun inside the gunmantlet. There its “only” 230mm. Also the turret cheeks become weaker the further you go to the outside. If you stare down its barrel you can still shot it there (its a bit tricky tho) and its a perfect weakspot for anything that your are not pointing your gun at. The hullarmor is strong, ranging from 250mm on the upperplate to 240 on the cheeks (which become rather weak when you angle) and 240mm to 660mm on the lower plate. Sidearmor youve got 66mm so never try to sidescrape, you can just drive so much around a corner that your inner cheek is hidden and you have got a very decent hull armor then unless the fire premium at you, than your just a big tasty credits/xp piniata.


    4. I have to add one benefit of this tank in addition to what the others said.
      Your height can be a really good thing while facehugging people.
      Because your frontal armor is so strong a IS3 for example has problems penning you while you can just shoot it in the roof because of your good gun depression.

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  2. Good offerbut thanjs no, I am saving my money for the Type 59 😆
    After all WG never promised it will never be sold again (instead, only one employee offered his resignation)😂😂😂


      1. 1. slow
        2. awful DPM
        3. no side armor
        4. turret armor is really easy to pen even when M6A2 is looking straight at you
        5. easily hit by arty and for tons of damage

        i have T34, M6A2E1 and T26E5, T26 is all around the best even when its in tier 10.


  3. The way I’ve noticed, is this tank plays alot like the new french heavies, always keep your front toward the enemy, and don’t fight on a slope, I wouldn’t suprise me if they sold it again, knowing wargaming’s promises


  4. Proof its all about milking collectors

    They give 0 SHITS about their old fans

    I hope this game dies and the company marketing managers lose their homes >.<


  5. I dont get all that butthurt. This tank ist huge, ugly and beside its frontal armor, not even really good. I am a collector, but this thing… never. All those people who get it with preorder can keep it until kingdome come.


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