How WG Detects Cheaters & Forbidden Mods

Translated from Russian by Plazmakeks. Original author: PolarFox. Made some grammar fixes. This is posted in order to raise awareness and that WG will see it.

Hello everybody. I would like to comment on the situation with the last ban wave. A bit late, but I was really busy with the adaptation and recoding of mods for the new patch.

How you get banned:

  1. You installed (maybe as a part of some mod pack) in the past, time span between the last ban wave and this one, any kind of mods that are being monitored. This could have been a month ago, never mind – you are on the list.

  2. If you played recklessly and you got reported frequently – probably, you will go for a manual sorting and moderation.

  3. You are on the winning list of some event with prizes. Lately all prize positions are being checked.

So, long story short – at the moment we have no data that anyone is being banned if they follow the 3 rules from above. The mod is safe (PF, BW, AVS), but in case of point 2 and 3 – manual sorting and moderation. Simply play carefully, do not play in any events and wave around with your aimbot all around – and all will be fine.


In other words, use mods carefully and incognito. Do not follow/catch targets 400 meters away. Use that sniper mod from time to time. Do not click on the damn minimap when something is broken somewhere etc. When you use certain mods you tend to play and act differently. Just try to blend in as much as you can. FFS, if you are trying to hide something, make a damn effort about it.