War Thunder – 1.75 Release Trailer


8 thoughts on “War Thunder – 1.75 Release Trailer

    1. it’s been years since they added AI infantry, it is not available in matches but you can have them run around in costum matches, also, when you take off from a carrier you can see the flight crew running around in the carrier flight deck


        1. for now those have yet to be found in any of the additions
          it could be possible for it to be for aviation or SPAA since they rcently also admitted the addition of air-burst rounds for SPAA, if I am not mistaken the Shilka fires a type of canister round that when fired in a decently long burst seems like a cloud of lead was shot into the air, it seems that’s what makes the Shilka so efficient or something
          in addition there’s another possibility which is a type of bomb used by the italians against enemy mototrized columns


    1. this version is looking a bit better than even the DATA-mine, still could make use of a few changes like the planned upgrade of the tanks armed with the SA18 (Renault FT gun) for the L/50 37mm SA38!? (whatever version came close to 850m/s muzzle velocity)
      I also wonder about the FCM F1 since it could work in place of needing another copy, the Sherman Jumbo is BR4.3, I think the FCM F1 can work at such BR even if it had 120mm of armour on the front, it all comes down to the pre-WWII 90mm gun performance, if it’s something with around 600m/s muzzle velocity it should be on pair with a decent 75/76mm gun in term of penetration, if it was still too much there would still be the chance for the ARL44 prototype which mounted the american 76mm M1 cannon


      1. If it were to have a 90mm gun, it would almost certainly have used the ubiquitous 90mm/50 modèle 1926

        It had no AP shell on ships, but I’m sure looking hard enough, there was probably one designed for it.
        Considering that the HE shell has an 850m/s velocity, chances are any AP would have velocities between 820 and 850 m/s, giving it in all probability significantly better performances than a 75 or 76mm gun.


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