Supertest – More Info On The New USSR HT Line

The Supertest suddenly has received some unexpected additions – a new branch of USSR heavies. It is yet unknown from which vehicle it will originate. All three vehicles have rear mounted turrets.

Which vehicles will appear?

* Tier VIII – IS-M (aka IS-2SH)
* Tier IX – Object 705
* Tier X – Object 705A

What’s the main characteristic of the tanks?

Definitely armor. It’s a key characteristic of all three vehicles. The tanks will be implemented in 2018.


36 thoughts on “Supertest – More Info On The New USSR HT Line

          1. if these are real photo shopping is so good these days its difficult to say whats real and what isnt. assuming their real though the second picture has insanely big tracks especially considering how monstrously big this machine looks…
            a question though. is this the same tank from 2 angles? or 2 different vehicles? because the 2nd picture the turret seems round meanwhile the first seems angular like the ois plus it has a cupola on the turret which the second pic lacks. i also cannot make out a gun on either of these.
            im really curious to see whats comes of these. as in are they real if so are they early or late war? they dont seem like they have the type 4 turret? (the one we know existed) or are they fake?


    1. I believe the Obj705 project would of been a continuation of the IS-7 project to improve on in it and the Obj260. Also that drawing of it for some reason reminds me of what a Is-3 would look like if it pointed its gun backwards.


  1. That V shaped hull of the object 705 looks really strong tho, 130mm @ 57° is roughly 240-250mm effective armor if you shoot exactly from 90° without counting the tracks.
    140mm @ 60° upper hull and 140mm @ 55° lower hull. Thats effective 280mm for the upper hull and 255 for the lower hull. Well i cant see how you should be able to penetrate that thing with standard ammo, at least if it comes with that armorlayout from the drawing. Even the back has some nice armor. 110mm @ 55° and 100mm @ 45° is roughly 190mm and 135mm. Damm ^^


  2. It’s unfortunate they aren’t going to use the K-91 model II as the tier 8 and move the IS-M to tier 7 but whatever maybe in the future who knows.

    hopefully the 705a is balanced and isn’t another type 5/Maus and also shits all over the other tier 10 heavies in it’s tech tree, just like the Maus did to the Pz.Kpfw VII.


  3. The Obj 705A will be interesting because it historically was to be armed with a 152mm M53 gun. The stats of the gun are what interest me because we have the 152mm M53c from the Obj 268 Ver 4 and that had 292mm of standard ammo pen.

    I would think it would branch off the IS at tier 7

    Either way, Will definitely be going down this line


  4. I look at the Obj 705 and what do I see, it’s just a rough concept and yet it is being added as part of yet another mini-branch
    then I remember the many proposals made by players using the Questionmark Conferences concepts and yet none have been added, in many cases those aren’t limited to just concepts but actually have other specifications like which engine, transmission, optics, etc… or even cases were not only there are drawings of the internal arrangement of the components (crew positions, engine, transmission, ammo, etc..) but even scale or real sized mock-ups, these include LTs, MTs and HTs as well as some designs among the 3 classes that could work as TDs
    in addition even The_Chieftain has mentioned several possibilities like the Yoh concepts, some of the older HT concepts (like H1, H2, etc..) or the TD’s he found in the archives and mentioned he could build a “couple” more lines at least up to tier 7 (then it would need to finish the line with concepts), he has mentioned all of those in articles that were published in the portal OR in videos released in the game/WG official youtube channels
    despite all of that nothing has been done despite the US TT being the one that needs a rework the most, this after every single other nation having seen some modifications done to it, including some cases where they recently received new lines and even those have already been reworked to ease player adaptability from tier to tier


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