T-44-100 – 44.95 € – Advent Calendar Day 11


The T-44-100 fits every stereotype of a medium tank: good mobility, decent firepower, and high versatility mean that you can take on many roles on the field to turn the battle to your favour. If you’re comfortable with this vehicle class, this is the tank to go for!


12 thoughts on “T-44-100 – 44.95 € – Advent Calendar Day 11

  1. WG should are taking the piss tbh, so many tanks that should be in the regular prem shop but are not. Instead they have the ridiculous “special” status so players have 24hrs to buy a tank they should be able to get at discount but instead have to pay full inflated price or buy from huge bundles.

    It really takes the piss, I know they’re a business but some of their practices are exploitative to say the least…….

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  2. This tank is not that bad. Has a nice mobility due to very low ground resistances. The model (style) is nice as well. 🙂 Also the tank got buffed as they did the rework of the russian mediums. Better gun stats and better turret armor. However 45 € is a lot and I think the T3485M most of you got by this small campaign this summer have some nice crew trainer. Otherwise I recommend the Rudy what will come to shop the next days for sure.

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