Compensation for chat problems (EU)

After many days of difficult struggles and discussions, Wargaming finally managed to fix problems related to the chat in the game. Something that players will definitely like is the compensation provided by WG for players – which will not be known, but Ph3lan (Community Manager) says that it will be distributed next week.


12 thoughts on “Compensation for chat problems (EU)

  1. It was actually weeks, not days, and if you really want to compensate us, show us how much you care about us and give us 300 gold. But really, a game with 6 years should have a better and more evolved chat. Maybe even integrated with Discord.


  2. Since WG has no clue about customer relationship and they are from hard life Russia ,just give us 3 repair kits and all you have to do for them is complete a mission (kill 25 swedish tanks while being in top 5 ep on your team)


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