Cashmachine E 25 – 49.99 € – Advent Calendar Day 9

Previous advent calendar days, we had a bare tank and a package with gold, missions etc. Today we only get cockroach of doom in the 50 euros package – go buy it…


With this day’s Advent offer you’ll treat yourself with the E 25, plus a huge load of gold, missions that boost your XP income significantly, and Personal Reserves for your crew.


30 thoughts on “Cashmachine E 25 – 49.99 € – Advent Calendar Day 9

      1. They said exactly the same about E-25 when they removed it. And look what we have in the calendar for the second year in a row


    1. I dont understand people who are bitching about e25 its a td of past times. Today in terms of all changes which have hapened around tier 8 it is more situational td than any thong else. Mediocre in best niether overpowerd.

      Let the people be happy you will not be hurted for two days in which will be slightley more e25. But it will noz be infistation of them its not so cheap.


      1. Tier for tier this premium tier 7 td, compared to all other tier 7’s, is unbalanced in it’s own tier. That is the issue.
        NOT if the content around it shifted in meta over the past 1.5 years. Such argument’s are a straw man.

        You have to look at it as a tier 7 and not look beyond that. It’s performance is better than most any other tier 7’s, that is what count’s.
        Not that it has become weaker due to new content of higher tier that was released, nor the template MM shafting it as you mention. The template MM shafts regular tech tree tier7’s MUCH MORE than any E-25.

        The above was the reason why WG pulled from sale prematurely when they released it (and made it and occasional sale item). That doesn’t change the fact that this thing is not balanced within it’s own tier.


        1. Do you only get tier 7 games in it? NO

          More than 60% game will be tier 7/8 and you are bottom one… In past 6 months iI have played mine e25 45 times… and win rate for that period was for me 51.1 and may all around win rate for my account is around 54% so that can it be sad that I m some red noob and i know what I m talking

          All fuss around it is about his past. And in past it was so many times on sell that it can be counted on all your fingers…

          From point of OP more better than E25 is Scorpion G… E25 is just situational tank for which you have to have good map good team and on opposite side need to be muppets with old generation tanks… not new one like liberte or T26e5 or similar… if you get new generation tanks on other side even spam gold will not help you to penetrate…

          Its is just exaggerated that it is so good…

          On end this TD need some skill to have good results with it… 75 5 of player base doesn’t have… 50% players base even don’t know how to read map…


          1. Just to be clear, I was not replying to ‘cuminyomouthvegan’ 🙂

            One has to compare it, as with all content (a.k. tanks), to the content within it’s own tier. Not to new higher tiered content that was released.

            That new content and it effects….that deserves a whole separate discussion and it’s a very valid AND a very important one as well! 😉
            Also I agree the meta has changed, even for the E-25. Also a different, yet important, discussion to be held.

            So all I was saying:
            in the case of the E-25 as it is that it can still cope better, even under recent meta & MM changes, compared most regular same tier 7 tanks.


      1. Very much doubt it, at 50 euros it’s not exactly affordable to casual players/kids in Poland
        Nice nick by the way, was Uncle ‘Dolph already taken?


  1. To everyone saying nobody’s forcing anybody to buy anything… just know you’re exactly the same kind of people that say ‘just cheer up’ to somebody with crippling depression.


  2. Glad that it’s only available in an expansive bundle. As It does work as sort of a limiter on sales.

    As with many other premium tanks. This machine should have been adjusted long ago to make it a balanced tier 7 premium td, as with many other premium content. But WG cannot and ordon’t dare to go down that road.


  3. Oh, well… At least it`s not an unbalanced tier 8, so it`s easier to avoid.

    P.S. I`d REALLY, REALLY like it if WG nerfed it, at least a bit. For tier 5 and 6 it is truly a nightmare, if the map is open.


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