Wargaming Doesn’t Ban Cheaters in World of Tanks

Can’t explain this better than LemmingRush. I also know that 35 accounts got banned so far after the illegal mod stream, WG has not finished the research yet.


18 thoughts on “Wargaming Doesn’t Ban Cheaters in World of Tanks

  1. Yeah I posted this as a topic on the NA Forums yesterday pretty much right after he made the video, even sent in a ticket using the unedited stream clip (The “Source” clip in Lemmings video description)…

    I got a generic copy-paste response, and as of now the topic is locked…


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  2. WarGaming does not give two craps about people submitting pure, blatant, video evidence because they feel their “automated anti-cheat” system ‘works’. Clearly, it doesn’t. Clearly, there is a problem. I know, for them, it would be too taxing to view and review every cheat complaint BUT – listen to the content creators – listen to your Community Contributors or is Global Community Contributors now… If twitch is banning someone playing your game for streaming cheats shouldn’t Wargaming also step in?

    Also – The title has me confused. “Wargaming Doesn’t Ban Cheaters in World of Tanks” and then you type “I also know that 35 accounts got banned so far after the illegal mod stream,”. This is worse than a Donald Trump tweet. So – do they or don’t they?

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      1. A fellow player I know tested the cheats and how the cheaters get around the Fair Play checks. She went into 1 training battle before removing the illegal mods and found what the website was saying is true.

        The way that players bypass Fair Play checks is by modifying the Python.log file so it’s hidden by Windows which makes it a Read-Only file. This means the file does not get modified, which means it won’t show that you’re running cheats. If you want to help end these cheats everyone needs to get this information out to every source they can. This will cause cheaters to stop, because they don’t want caught, and it will get to the right people at WG so they can create a better system.

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  3. Was actually thinking of sending this to you guys today…I can’t even see through all that garbage on the screen. No offense to the guys who made these mods (other than whoever made the aiming mod).

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  4. I play a lot of tier six skirmishes with random clans and have foung many to be using cheats. They are usually using minimap mods.

    One large multiclan openly talks about it while skirmishing. “They are all comming this direction.”. Clan starts with an “M”.

    Sad part is they are never very good at the game.

    In GUNS, we have been moving away from mods over the last year. Many of us just went full vanilla with the exception of XVM.

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  5. They ban them, but not in the right way. Issue is that they don’t ban people you report that you see is cheating live on twitch there and then. Support more or less ignores those and says “we have a system for it”. And at the best, they add him to the list of the next ban wave, that might be 2 months away. Some twitch streamers have been banned on this wave. One even came to the EU forum to whine about it, and was shut down even tho he don’t have twitch history on as screens do exist of it. He got away with it for weeks.

    I don’t mind they have a wave system based on their own investigation. But when you get a clear case evidence like on the video above. Or via a youtube video. It’s not much to ask for WG to instant action, vs waiting for the next ban wave to deal with it. That’s the issue.


  6. I love playing the game and seeing a tryhard platoon having their guns all pointed at one person’s only weakspot (like a cupola) hovering over the terrain, follow its movement perfectly in sync depite them being on the move rolling over rough terrain while moving, and the target moving the weakspot around.

    Totally legit.
    Not a if you saw droves of people like that ingame nowadays.
    Which is funny, because MY autoaim doesn’t do that, it just stupidly aims at the center of mass, even when it’s hidden behind cover /kek


  7. 11_AD is no where near a top clan. Why does everyone keep saying this???? get your facts right people. They get owned in every clan battle , they dont do tier 10 strong holds only 6, they have NEVER been in top 20 of any campaign in the past, matter of fact the last one they didnt even win a battle during the whole damn thing!!!


  8. cheaters did pay for the cheats cheats are made by wot developers its they pivat income so why they see the need to ban. and big chashing is all they want.


  9. Yep if you follow the money trail and everything wargaming says and does. dropje is 100% right. Its why wargaming went after the people that made the mods…. not after the players. They dont want to get rid of the cheaters just their competition. as long as u are premium player they let you do almost whatever you want. Almst being u cant livestream urself etc If you dont brag about it basicaly u can do whatever you want. Dont miss this game. Wish there was a legal way to bind wargaming up. But sadly even with money trail there nothing ilegal about it. Just unethical.


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