Holiday Ops 2018 – Festive Specials on the Way

Source: Portal

Brace yourselves! A festive storm is predicted to hit World of Tanks Dec.15, and won’t pass till January 15! We’re calling this weather pattern “Holiday Ops 2018,” and it will turn your Garage into a snow-swept winter yard.

This 30-day period also indicates a high risk of extreme bonuses, severe gift storms, unprecedented Credit discounts on tiers II–X, and more. We take your safety seriously here, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you (ahem) weather the storm and reap all of its benefits.

How to Get the Most Out of This Holiday Season

Take on special battle missions: The festive storm brings a whole set of weekly battle missions. Completing them will get you boxes full of decorations and in-game items (equipment, consumables, Credits, and more). The greater the challenge, the more valuable the rewards!

Decorate your yards: This year, you can decorate just about anything you see in the Garage’s wintry yard: the house, lampposts, the tree (of course!)—even the snow can be crafted into a snowman. But why decorate in the first place? Along with the joy the process brings, decorations define your Festive Atmosphere level: the merrier your yard looks, the closer you get to Level 10, and the more valuable a crate you receive.

Level Festive Atmosphere: In true holiday spirit, we’re giving a Level 1 Festive Atmosphere crate with a gift tank to everyone who logs in to World of Tanks during Holiday Ops 2018. Work your way up from there and enjoy even more rewards! Ascending a level lands you a crate with all kinds of goodness: female Crew members, discounts on tier II–X vehicles, consumables, and exclusive medals.

Build a collection: All the decorations you get are arranged in four design collections: Traditional Christmas, Modern Christmas, Soviet New Year, and Chinese New Year. Assembling a full collection nets you exclusive customization items, while making solid progress on any of the four sets will land you a boost in XP, Crew XP, and Credit earnings per battle. And no one said you could have just one collection. Challenge yourself with completing all four sets to get all the bonuses!

Jumpstart your progress on Holiday Ops 2018 with the Advent CalendarYou can go hunting for Holiday Ops 2018 bonuses right now! Check in with the Advent Calendar to catch daily deals and missions to earn decoration boxes. Swing by every day to arm yourself to the teeth for the event!


19 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2018 – Festive Specials on the Way

    1. And I hope they not come up with crew members what are linked to a special tank or nation. I want to decide where I need them most. As it was possible for the last female crew member we got for the personal mission problems.


    2. Going by what they did last year. This was my thought to. But last year they gave it on the Swedish tier 1. As that’s a tank everyone has. French tier 1 has 2 crew slots vs the Swedish tier 1 at 4. So I doubt that kinda.


    1. “Dec.15, and won’t pass till January 15!”
      It ends in mid-january. It starts right after the update and includes christmas and new year. If that’s not holiday season to you (especialy in Europe where thanksgiving is not thing, so the only other holidays are maybe easter and halloween…), I don’t know what is.


  1. This was briefly posted on NA and then deleted, and all the regional portals posted a one paragraph article with zero info in its place. Soviet transparency in 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yep – thanks for giving us the info though WG denies it up to now.

        I am looking forward to the special. we will see, what crates can be ground and what we get from them. last year was kinda fun (and rewarding), so all in all it sounds very good.

        and keep up the great work with TAP!

        Liked by 1 person

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