T92 – 25.05 € – Advent Calendar Day 1


To start off the Advent calendar, a new American vehicle is coming to World of Tanks: the T92! This light tank amazes with its futuristic look and can be played both like a passive and active scout. High view range, speed, and camouflage value will make it easy for you to be the eyes of your team.



25 thoughts on “T92 – 25.05 € – Advent Calendar Day 1

  1. “high speed”…

    too bad that high speed is the slowest tier 8 LT in the game. It’s a fun tank let down by the 60km/h top speed

    Also, gotta love all the community contributors feeding misinformation saying that it’s got a 340hp engine and 20.02hp/t power to weight when it’s actually got a 600hp engine/ 35.32hp/t


          1. misinformation is misinformation, regardless of the source. People were told that it had a 340hp engine by CC’s, where information is seen more frequiently then on a blog. And when the only correction to that mistake is simply saying an engine name is having displayed engine power change?

            People don’t know what tank that engine is on and would still think the T92 only has 340hp giving it horrendous power to weight, and that will affect sales

            Yes, it’s WG’s initial stuff up, but WG didn’t help themselves or the CC by giving ambiguous information


            1. The CCs made the review videos last weekend when the ingame stats were displaying the wrong hp value. The micropatch to fix this was released 2 days ago. Add this two together and you will see that it wasn’t intentional from the CCs to misrepresent the tank, but an error on WG’s side.


      1. Have they “fixed” the error of the very low engine health?
        Tanks.gg still show the old HP and 104 hp for the engine module which tbh is the health you find on tier 5 engine modules.

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        1. well it’s classed as a tier 5 engine in-game, it still has very low health and can be taken out in one shot with ease still.

          You don’t want to be caught out. Chance of your engine getting knocked out is too high, you don’t have the alpha to trade effectively against same tier LTs and the top speed makes it impossible to evade any other LT


      1. Paid? But people were whining when the SirFoch malarkey went down that you can’t say CCs are similar to employees since they don’t get paid.


        1. they don’t get real money paid from War Gaming to their bank account……but they get to “review” new stuff that they make video of (which in turn brings them real money)…..they get “gifts” from WG too………and look at the video they make………..NEW TIER 8 PREMIUM TANK that is great and you should all buy……….or BEST 10 PREMIUM TANKS TO MAKE CREDITS just as those “rare”tanks are about to appear in one day offer in Advent calendar(that for some reason will last whole month this year……need I to continue?


    1. FFS WordPress, the one time I didn’t want you to show the images in the comments instead of the links, you show the pictures…

      (Check the links of the pictures anyway for proof)


  2. One shotting these with arty was a real blast, I know it was probably low skill noobs buying a high tier premium light but I needed a fun break from the tortoise grind.


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