WoT Micropatch

The micropatch will arive Wednesday morning, on November 29. And again it will break some mods, leading to new mod folders being automatically made: /res_mods/, /mods/


6 thoughts on “ WoT Micropatch

  1. Finally a micropatch with …*drum roll*… MM-er template priority tweaks and adjustment?!?

    Nah…that would make the game too much fun! Even after 1.19.1 and WG don’t want that…as good levels of frustration lead to higher sales and better revenues…no sane person would be convinced of..


  2. WG is more than a bit incompetent and lazy of late …… this is the correct answer, maybe not polite to say, but so true all the same (but thank you WG for the 1x SIS crew and 1x Order, keep it up lol!


    Fix Tier 8 matchmaking lol!
    Tier 8 matchmaking is working to perfection exactly as WG intended it to, every micro-patch and every major update WG perfect the game for tier 10’s to farm tier 8’s

    get used to it (sadly, very sadly


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