Black Friday NA Offer

It may seem like a high price, but the discount per tank is pretty big, each tank being around 11 dollars.

Black Friday Bundle: The Feast

Nov. 23-27, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

Once Per Account

  • The Feast: $909.99 (50% Off)

55 thoughts on “Black Friday NA Offer

  1. So the bundle contains most of the ancient rubbish that is now virtually unusable in-game, but omits at least one tank – the Defender – that people might actually want?

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  2. Soon WG bundles will cost the same as a 3 room apartment…
    And guess why they create bundles like this? Because there’re retards that buy this shit >:/


  3. I have 116 Premium Tanks.

    I just need the damn AC1 and T14 cause i sold it in the Past -_-

    stupid WG.

    But srsly, wth. And i tought the Black Tanks will just come back 0-0

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    1. You don’t need to rebuy them you can buy them back from support they have this program thing 4 or 5 thing to rebuy your tanks you sold?


    1. I do too, well i miss a few more than you, but i have no idea on how to get the last ones xD

      The Stupid WG was more of Sarcasm.

      Same with WoWs for me, i just love collecting Prems.

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  4. Ahahahaha! nice one WG.
    So, now we know which are the tanks to have…the ones missing
    Obj 252U Defender, Type 59, lef & Sexton arty (I wonder why), P IIIJ and that American Jumbo I always forget!
    900 Bucks! My God, I guess I belong to the wrong customer segment.

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      1. next time???????? I hope they don’t pull shit like this ever again……and tanks are for some strange reason organized alphabetically instead by nation or by tier……but that my be intentional to confuse *customers*( read: milk cows ) to think they got a good deal

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  5. Not too bad if you only want to buy gold once a year (or lifetime?) and get a better than usual $/gold ratio.

    Thing is, like this weekend on US server, Tier 8 premiums are 30% off, slots are often 50% off, so that puts you able to buy tier 8’s (in the package deal) about 8% better than normal. So it’s not a bad bonus BUT it’s a ton of money to put up front to get an extra 8%. That is also assuming you get gold value for tanks you own, AND that your not silly enough to buy this package when the 30% discount is on for tier 8 tanks (as you will get less compensation).


  6. Well i mean i have nearly every premium tank in the game but i bought them over the course of what? 5-6 years now?
    But all at once holy shit…
    Especially because so many of them are just crap you really dont need…

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  7. My first thought was: Who the hell puts that amount of money in this game? I mean, 900 Dollars is much… And then i saw, that i already owned most of them. FML….

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    1. If you buy them from the store or win them in a contest or give away you get gold, if it is from a marathon or mission thingy it is credits


  8. Friend who I’ve been trying to convince to come back to the game bought it, he rerolled, funny seeing a 50 battle account with 25 different premium tanks played 😀


  9. People pay 1000+ USD for one designer T-shirt or a pair of sneakers “signed” by some black dude.
    Why not for digital tanks collection ?


    1. i totally forgot about that tank but yea i already have most of those tanks and i know i have given WG more then $1000 in my time playing but it still seems expensive all at once 😛


  10. What’s all the fuss about? You don’t have to buy this bundle. And if someone really buys it – so what? It doesn’t hurt anybody.


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